Show me your study schedules

what I try to do is:

wanikani ~30-50 minutes (this balloons if its a new batch of lessons)
kamesame ~15 minutes (I only do things that are guru+ in WK)
bunpro ~5-10 minutes
anki ~10 minutes (vocab from Minna no Nihongo)

wanikani ~15 minutes

read a texbook (currently Minna no Nihongo) ~25 minutes

I’m hoping to incorporate speaking and listening practice daily, but havent found the time yet.
Also worth noting that I have a once a week beginner class thats 1.5 hours.


Amazing!!! Keep going!
Try having japanese on in the background while you study kanji. It’s supposed to help.
Nihongo con teipei is a good beginner podcast.

Any particular reason why you do the みんなの日本語 vocabs in Anki instead of KameSame? That’s what I’m doing when I have a non-WK vocab that I want to learn. On the KS lessons page, I just put the words I want into the “study words found in content” dialog.

Another vote for Nihongo con Teppei. I think this podcast has been the best addition to my daily study habits over the past year.

I listen to one episode a day multiple times. In the morning I listen to the episode a couple times while getting ready and I try to figure it out without looking anything up. Then in the evening while getting ready for bed I listen to the episode again, pausing to look up vocabulary and grammar along the way.

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I have this same question:

I don’t use Anki or KameSame but I’m interested in adding one of them to my routine. While I used to use the lists and flash cards feature of this Japanese dictionary app, I mostly stopped when I started studying WaniKani. But if KameSame has all the benefits of Anki plus integration with WaniKani, then I think I’ll go that way.

Mostly because there were per chapter decks made for MNN, and I’ve found that deck creation isn’t worth the time (my retention has been equivalent with pre-made decks).

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The intro and music make me happy
The whole podcast is very relaxing to listen to

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I added anki to my study schedule yesterday.
I have a bunch of words in a list on my phone that I have learned once but have never studied. I’m putting them in the flashcard system.

Hey @xyrill; a recent update to this. I just realized Kitsun (which I’m using for other SRS) has anki import, so I’ve moved all my non WaniKani/KameSame stuff to that. So far I’m really enjoying the interface :slight_smile:

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My study schedule:

Put off WK reviews
Do like 20 reviews but stop
Put off more reviews
Do 5 or 10 lessons so I don’t feel so bad
Put off reviews
Read like half a chapter of a manga before I get bored or frustrated
Put off my reviews
Notice I have like 350 reviews to do
Put them off
Notice it’s 11:30 and if I go to sleep without doing my reviews I’ll wake up with 500
Do all my reviews in one sitting
Repeat the next day :slight_smile:


Do all Wanikani Overnight Reviews
Do all lessons on Kanji in one shot (if there’s any)
Do 20 lessons on Vocabulary (if there’s any)

1 hour of listening

Before Bed
Dictionary of Intermediate Japanese Grammar
NHK Easy News

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Dad with a 3 years old here… I do my lessons and reviews once a day, when buddy is asleep and most chores are done. I spend at least 1 hour a day working on this.
We watch japanese stuff with the family - Rilakuma, anime on Netflix with french subtitles, some weird japanese youtube toys ads that my son loves, and many many shinkansen videos that my son absolutely adores.
I am not exposed to japanese at all, I live in a french canadian community and besides french 99% of the time, english 1% of the time and some spanish knowledge, japanese is really far from me and absolutely no one I know has any interest in it.
Luckily my wife, son and I went to japan before Covid, on october of last year (2019) and we fell in love with the place. At the time, I didn’t even know kana, and didn’t know what to expect to much. Now we long to get back there asap!
So the start of a new level is rough for me: I get to digest the vocab lump that falls from the rear of the previous level, and jump on the new radicals and kanji of the new level. I try to pace so I don’t get more than 200 reviews a day, otherwise I get too tired by the end of it. By doing 1 review a day, but clearing all of it, I manage to keep my average below 14 days per level. If I had the time to review 2 or 3 times a day, especially at the beginning of a new level, that would boost the time, but hey, I’m happy with where I sit. And I am nearing level 20, which is a giant step for me.
April 2020, I didn’t know what a kanji was.

Think about it!


With a 3 year old too! Thats amazing.

I live a slightly chaotic life with 6 pets, 2 kids (currently home-schooling), one husband and a full-time job. My job is long hours, working with people on different continents, and I am also on a pager, which means plenty of interruptions throughout the day, but also that I can take lots of breaks.

So I never thought of even attempting a study schedule (it would go out of the window immediately). Instead I am treating myself to Japanese practice whenever I need a coffee break (often) or a thinking break from work (it helps to think of something entirely different). I LOVE coffee with WaniKani! :coffee: :coffee: :coffee: And I love it that WaniKani takes care of the scheduling for me. One less thing to think about.

Lessons I do all in one go (that sometimes feels like hard work), and when I have run out of reviews, I might read some articles and do some reviews on Satori reader. I like to read along while listening to someone reading it for me.

For me it is quantity rather than quality, I do the lessons and reviews very quickly, don’t mind too much if I make mistakes, as it will inevitably lead to more practice, which will eventually lead to it all sinking in.

And yes, I dream every day about traveling back to Japan and spending a whole day in a huge Japanese book shop and coming out with a bag full of books that I can actually read. And in my wildest dreams I meet a wonderful nice Japanese person who wants to read these books to me out loud.


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