Apprentice status when we get something wrong

Are we able to see the status of our apprentice and guru items (other than radicals and kanji we are currently learning) to see how long before they get promoted?

For example, when we get a vocabulary or kanji wrong during reviews, we get that demoralizing :small_red_triangle_down:apprentice all in red along with a little dagger straight to the heart. But I would like to know which position is currently in before it gets to guru.

Sorry I have made a few posts asking about any existing scripts that does what I’m looking for but I have gone through the list of current scripts and didn’t see anything (unless I missed it).

The best way to get an overview of all your items is (in my opinion) this page:
It’s not a script, but if you give it your (read-only) API token, it will tell you everything you want to know :wink:

If you want to see during reviews which level an item is currently in, I found this script very helpful:


Perfect! Thanks

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Flaming Durtles also does what you want although it’s post-review. The Level Indicator script looks useful but that would put undo pressure on my brain when trying to come up with the right answer. I like the Flaming Durtles approach.

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