Should introduce a re-test of Burned items with an option, if wrong, to bring them back to life

There is a solution!

You’re capable of un-burning items through vanilla WK features if you so wish.

If not, then there is also the Burn Manager script. It allows you to review, resurrect, or retire burned items.

There is also the [Userscript] Self-Study Quiz. You can custom make review quizzes that only use items of your choosing. You can set it to only review burned items.

The self-study script, combined with the Additional Filters is great in general. You can put extra time in your leeches, or to re-review items you got wrong in your latest review sessions, and many other things. It’s an extremely versatile tool. ^^

Always good to leave feedback of WK features you’d like, but at least you can already achieve your desired results right now. :slight_smile: