Should I Reset?

so i kind of stopped doing my reviews for a bit, and now i have 463 reviews.
i’ve been trying to do the reviews, but i don’t think i’ll be able to get through all of them.
should i reset? or is this how crazy everything gets later on?

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You should probably spread them out into small sets if you don’t think you can do all of them at once. Do a few dozen or so at a time at most if you can and then take a break and then repeat. That might help. But no it doesn’t get THAT crazy for a long long time if you keep up with your reviews. Resetting will just repeat the cycle so you probably shouldn’t do that.


How long is a bit?? If it is less then like a month or more, I would try to get through the reviews. Just break it into small chunks (like 50 reviews or so) and slowly work through it. 463 is still definitely doable. I would work through the reviews before considering resetting to a lower level probably. My two cents plus inflation.

(I was lazy for a week recently and did 700 reviews in a day to catch up. It was not pleasant, but it is possible).


Don’t worry too much about missing items, either. SRS will do its job. :slight_smile:


I remember when I was leveling up so fast that there were just reviews scattered everywhere XD. But they should be fine if they break it up like we said haha


I had 523 reviews yesterday, got a hot cup of coffee and did them all in one sitting (with little breaks in between). Took me around 3,5-4 hours to finish them. And I’m SO glad about it.

But also, I have reset my account before - at that point I had around 2500+ reviews.

Based on my experience, I’d say sit down and do them. It will be much faster than re-doing all your progress. Don’t worry about the failed items, the SRS will take care of it eventually. Hold back on doing more lessons until you’ve finished doing those 460+ reviews and until things have calmed down. That’s my 2 cents.
Good luck! :>


thank you all for the advice! i’m going to try doing the reviews in smaller parts now. again, thank you!

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Also, keep in mind that the site has a vacation mode that will prevent reviews from accumulating. There’s certainly an argument for never touching it, but I don’t see a problem if you run across a multiple day stretch where doing reviews is impossible to reconcile with the other things you have to do in your life.

I wouldn’t reset. Just sit down and hammer them out in chunks i usually do 200 a one time. Take a break for a few hours then hit it again. Its going to suck but it will be worth it. Especially once you start burning some items.

Last year i took a 6 month break from WaniKani and i didn’t know about vacation mode at the time. When i came back i had 864 reviews to do… Took me about a week to get caught up and back to normal review counts. Just when you think you’re done, the next day you get hit with 300 more lol

I personally think it’s worth resetting if the reason for the build up is that you weren’t putting in much effort or your priorities were elsewhere. I dropped a level or 2 over the summer when the reviews built up and I realised I’d not really focussed in the lessons and didn’t really know what I was doing with the kanji coming up. Ultimately it’s about learning the kanji not getting through as fast as possible so it’s no big deal if you have to do it.

I did a reset after taking about three months off. I went back three levels and very quickly ended up very bored while I working back through those levels.

or is this how crazy everything gets later on?

I can’t speak for everyone but at this point I’m doing an average of about 200 reviews a day (I do lessons in big batches so the actual number of reviews in a day ranges anywhere from 100-300). So, I go through 463 reviews every 2-3 days.

If it were me I would not reset. Just set yourself a schedule of a minimum amount of reviews to do every day and stick to it. If you were thinking about resetting even 1 level, that’s at minimum a week you’re setting yourself behind, assuming you’re going close to max speed. You could instead just take that week and schedule a certain amount of reviews every day until you get it until control. Good luck!

I reset late last year as I had taken over a year off to focus on other things. I made the mistake of resetting to level 1 to help re-establish myself with language study. That being said, I would only recommend resetting if everything does not look familiar to you. Resetting back too far will make things very boring. If you are in that boat, look at the levels and go to the last one that is mostly familiar but has some unknowns so that you are not bored but are not missing everything either.

Things will definitely get crazy, but I would suggest not resetting. I reset recently, but not because I had too many reviews. For me, it was because I’d taken an unexpectedly long hiatus and ended up forgetting most of my most recent levels. When I have a looooot of reviews to get through, I like to use the WaniKani Reorder Ultimate script to break everything into more manageable pieces! I’ll generally right-click and remove all but one level (unless the lower levels have so few it makes sense to just keep them together) and then just do the reviews level by level.

It’s nice having them separated by the script because there’s an end in sight! After you finish each level, you’ll be taken to the summary page and told you still have reviews available. Everything can be broken down in to manageable chunks, and who knows! You might be able to finish it all in one sitting, motivated by your success at finishing each level to tackle the next one! Good luck c:

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