1500 Reviews

Completed after a week of struggling.

Don’t take long breaks, friends. Mistakes were made. :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face:


That’s hard. I just did a reset to 20 after a similar problem and it really helped and brought my motivation back. Good luck!


Congrats! I’m at around the same level and I have to do ~300 reviews a day, I can only imagine how bad it will get if I miss one :cold_sweat:

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Yeah, I seriously considered the reset, but I had so much free time this week I decided to torture mysef instead.


They stack up quick :skull:


Heyhey! Way to go @jyojia!


Not to discourage you or anything here, but aren’t you worried that now you’ve done ~1500 reviews in one hit that they are (mostly) going to come back around at the same time?

This is my biggest fear and mostly why I try to balance my new lessons when I feel I start to get burnt out.

I’m guessing a good chunk were burns, so those are done. The rest should be somewhat scattered around different SRS levels.

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A small part yeah, but according to the review preview thing I have most of them are returning in chunks of 200 or 300 per day - which I can handle. lol


I’m saving ~2700 reviews and studying up for one massive review session, just so I can see the many-hundred-review spikes on my timeline. (but yeah, a lot of those are burns too)


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