Should I purchase the lifetime subscription?

WK only teaches you how to read kanji. That alone is not enough to learn Japanese.


Oh ok! So can someone recommend me where can I learn the other things WK doesnt teach? Thanks You


You should reach Level 4 first, and then pay the ordinary mensual subscription, and after a while, maybe half year, check if you still using wanikani, and if you wanna keep using it first. I mean, I think it’s worth, but is much money, you should be sure, and remember won’t be easier with lifetime subscription!

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What’s the point of a lifetime subscription? I guess since I’m not keeping track of how fast I level over X amount of days, I dont see the point.

All subscribers have full access. It’s a good tool. Monthly seems just fine for me.


Some people go through WK multiple times or expect to hit 60 in a time that it would cost more than a lifetime subscription by paying month-to-month.


Oh, got it. I didn’t think about that.


Also, the fastest you can burn everything is in a year and a half. Might as well get lifetime at the discounted price if you want to keep reviewing after getting to 60.

I definitely recommend lifetime. You never know what will happen, and if you have lifetime you can always return.


I agree with everyone. Wait until you have completed your trial run at level 3. You need to know if it is for you. If you know it it, then YES. It is worth it!

I purchased it and I am so glad I did. It is going to take me a really long time to complete WaniKani, so it was definitely cheaper to do the Lifetime for me. Plus, I loved using the Vacation feature when I went away for a week.

Plus, I bought it at New Years when they have their sale. I would suggest doing the same. I think it is 100 dollars off


That’s a great sale. Maybe I’ll wait till December to see. Either way it’s less than at a junior college out here… I think.


Instead of being 400 dollars, I think it is 300.


$200 instead of $300 last I checked


I feel like I am never going to miss £7.30 a month (cheaper than two coffees) but I feel like I would notice a few hundred £££s in one go. If I ever stop WK my payments will stop and I can return at the same level l left (if I understood the T&Cs correctly).


From personal perspective, i find wanikani very easy and convenient way to do something about progress in Japanese.

It just works.

As long as keeping reviews in check that is.

It isn’t sufficient on its own to completely learn Japanese, but adress, i believe, biggest barrier in Japanese learning - kanji.

Not linguist, but apparently it is what only separate Japanese and Chinese from rest languages, making as hard to learn as 3 Latin languages in row instead.

Obviously could be wrong.

Yeah, there also anki, even wanikani build, but it is, maybe, require more efforts than worth it, in case of availability more straightforward road in wanikani service.

Same case with houhou software, somewhat less extent though. Not by much.

Along with everyone else here I definitely recommend finishing the free trial levels, If you like them, there is usually a late December early January discount on the lifetime subscription :slight_smile:

Saving me money for sure. I’m in year four, so I’d already be ~$100 over doing yearly. Not too mention I likely won’t be ‘done’ for a few more. Probably double the lifetime price by the time I’m 60.


First, you have to ask yourself this: How long do you plan to do WK? 1 year or many years?

Because if you do it fast, a lifetime subscription will not be worth it.
And another thing, when you purchase lifetime, you will have a tendency to go slow, because well, there’s no time limit.

I purchased the 1 year subscription and couldn’t be happier. Started in September '18 and will finish in a couple of weeks. It’s the best way to keep you motivated. At least it was for me. What works for some people might not work for others, though, so, think well before taking the plunge.

Good luck with your studies :wink:


Hell yeah I recommend it! At the pace I’m going, it’s definitely way more cost-effective for me to have the lifetime membership (plus, I get to keep it forever). I’d recommend waiting to buy it until around around New Years though, you’ll get a huge discount. Just pay the subscription until then so you can keep learning and it’ll factor into your discount.

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I really like you.


I got the lifetime because my learning process is more like a scribble than any linear plan, but I keep coming back and I keep working at it. I also have a young child and things just sometimes take priority, because ultimately Japanese is my hobby not my job (my career is in a field that will never ever take me to Japan for employment purposes ).

So for me paying once and then not worrying about it (I did pay monthly until the Christmas discount) was the way to go. At my rate of speed, and a reset in there I’ve used Wanikani since May of 2018. I’ve been somewhat consistent with it, but I’m somewhere between 25 and 33% done with it.

I say if your committed to Japanese and you like Wanikani do it.