How Worth While Is the Lifetime Subscription?

Thanks to Christmas I can finally afford the lifetime subscription. However, i don’t know if it would be more worthwhile to get it due to the pressure the monthly payments bring. What are your thoughts?


I’m personally happy to have bought it - it means that I can make use of WaniKani without having to worry about making sure I finish it quickly enough to have made sticking with monthly cheaper, and the longer-term investment makes me more motivated to keep going with it. If you can afford it and you’re at a point where you’re sure you want to commit, then I’d say it’s definitely worth it.


the thing is i don’t want my friend to surpass my level (and they are closing in fast xD) so i will have plenty of motivation! so as long as i’m in front i’m fine

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The first time something goes wrong and you lose motivation you’ll let the monthly payment lapse and quit WK forever. Obv any price discussion is based on your personal money situation but giving yourself ways back into the game on long term goals is important.


Still, a good rule of thumb is to try a month, then maybe a year then go lifetime from there. Not sure if you’re still on the free trial.

EDIT: NVM you’ve been at it for a year. I’d say go for the lifetime at this point


They’re on level 11 and the free trial ends at 4.

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I hope you have other motivating factors to study outside of not paying 9$ per month :rofl:
If you think you’re in this for the long run I’d strongly advise getting lifetime from a purely economical standpoint. I’ve personally spent a bit longer on here than the average user but I’ve already saved 353$ compared to if I was paying monthly this whole time.


I have been around here a little while. I have yet to hear anyone say that they regretted the lifetime subscription, especially at the sale price. You may very well be using WK as a study resource long after you reach 60.


Do some simple math xD

It took me 1 year to reach level 10. There are 60 levels, so that would be 5 more years at this peace. 59.9912 = $599.4

So, I see I can save a few hundred.


fair enough

anyway thanks everyone i have now bought the lifetime! wish me luck¬!


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