Exclude items from reviews

Hi, friends

I am looking for a way to exclude certain items from my reviews pile, not sure if someone has already come up with a script for that.

Basically, there are some vocab items that I am not interested in reviewing and I would like to stop them from coming up. Is there a way to do this?

thanks (:

There are ways but I feel unclean for even linking to them indirectly. :pleading_face:

Are you really absolutely certain you want to do this? If your goal is to read Japanese, then the vocabulary items help significantly to cement the various readings and nuanced meaning into your brain.

I’d really seriously encourage you to rethink.


The item filter @Rrwrex linked is the best.
Like they said, I think it’s best to only filter the ones you absolutely need to (for me there were some items I really didn’t want my coworkers to have to see on my screen, and one that hit a little too close for me that I didn’t want to get without warning), rather than based on usefulness. I can say from personal experience there’s items I never thought I’d need, or that I’d never see in kanji, that have really come in clutch in daily life!


Awesome! I only had to read that list about three times before I could find the script :smiley:

Thanks @Rrwrex and @vspree ! This is the second time I am doing Wanikani and I had already low intermediate level in Japanese when I did it the first time. Alas, it’s been almost 3 years since I last did anything to study Japanese and I forgot a bunch of kanji which is why I chose to reset. I am very happy to review even the simplest vocab and learn new words no matter how niche or uncommon they are, however, things that the first time just seemed repetitive are slowly becoming more and more annoying this second time (i.e. 辺 > この辺, 一斤 > 二斤 etc, etc)

It’s a minor nuisance that I could live with but I’d rather do without it :durtle_noice:


Just remember that if you really know something it only takes 8 correct answers spread out over 6 months or so to get it out of your hair forever.