Setting level back and kaniwani

I had a question that I wondered if anyone knew.
I haven’t used wanikani regularly for like three years after getting to sixty.
lately, I have been thinking to reset to maybe level 30 or 40 and work myself back up.

But, I was wondering if burnt items unlocked for kaniwani would disappear if I did. Would they remain unlocked in kaniwani?

Thank you in advance.

(Just for any not level sixties wondering if wanikani is helpful even years after not using it. Yes, very much so. I read books and newspapers and what have you just fine. OR… pretty well in any case. I just realize i am forgetting alot of the higher level kanjis meanings and all their readings and also the vocabulary is a little overwhealming when I actually try to do it again. I want the vocabulary becasue right now my strongers bits are Kanji and listening and my vocabulary is my weak link with my grammar being around the sweet spot).

Thanks again.

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Kaniwani has a specific setting to (not) follow/sync with Wanikani. They recommend turning this off specifically when one would cancel their Wanikani subscription, to avoid resetting their Kaniwani content to level 3. I assume it works similarly when resetting to a lower level yourself, but either way you can avoid losing that content in Kaniwani with precisely that setting.