Back from Hiatus

Hey everyone,

So, the Crabigator recently pulled me back to Wanikani.
I’ve been Level 60 for a while but haven’t been practicing my Japanese or doing my reviews. I’ve got a nice big queue of almost 1,000 Reviews, a ton of which I don’t remember which can be frustrating.

Wondering if anyone out there has been in a similar situation, and if you have words of wisdom or encouragement to get back into it?

I’m half tempted to do a full Reset and start from scratch, but would be sad to lose my progress and the ability to use Wanikani to look up vocab.


My advice would be for you to read chapter 11 of my Guide for Wanikani :slight_smile: It talks specifically about situations like yours :v:

Not sure if I understood this correctly, but resetting won’t prevent you from seeing content from all levels. As long as you’re a paid user (and you’re lifetime), then there’s no worries :slight_smile: You have access to every item’s page.


I had the exact same situation with Remembering the Kanji. Tried to work myself back into it with 1000+ reviews and it was just too depressing. And here I am on Wanikani.

I say start from scratch, enjoy the ride while doing real Japanese on the side and at the same time mop up the „burned“ items that you probably forgot as well. But this time don’t rush. That was my biggest mistake.

I think it will be refreshing and rewarding.

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Good to know I won’t lose access to seeing that information on a reset.

I might try your reorder script suggestion and see how that goes first though before making the drastic move to reset.


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