Session time out

What’s the purpose of having review/lesson sessions time out? I like to take my time, and it really messes with the rhythm if I’m always having to start over at random intervals.


Seems like it’s just an overlay with no other effects. If you remove it in your browser’s Inspector tool you can proceed with the reviews.

This last time I tried to do that, going into the quiz portion of the lessons, but it wouldn’t proceed further than the first question :frowning:

I didn’t observe this myself after removing the overlay but I did experienced something similar when I decided I need more time when Wanikani suggested taking the quiz. After I “cancelled” that pop-up going to the quiz section with arrow keyboard shortcuts stopped working and the screens just started to loop through the lessons.
Clicking the “Quiz” button helps in that case.

Cool, yeah, I’ll give that a shot next time it happens.

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