September 25 2020 Content Updates


Head (2) - updated mnemonic


(6) - added “land” to meanings

(52) - changed the primary reading from on’yomi to kun’yomi and updated reading mnemonic (so now あや is accepted and not りん)

(7) - added “vessel” to meanings

(37) - updated reading hint


越える (30) - fixed typo in context sentence

請求 (29) - updated context sentences

東側 (17) - added “east” to allow list

足りない (6) - added “be enough” to block list

警官 (19) - added “police office” to block list

警察官 (21) - added “police office” to block list

得る (19) - added “to attain” to allow list

失礼 (7) - added “excuse me” to meanings and updated meaning explanation

怪しい (26) - updated the reading mnemonic

(6) - added “land” to meanings

一時 (7) - moved “one hour” to allow list, added “at one time” and “for a time” to allow list, and updated context sentence and meaning explanation.

水兵 (17) - made “navy sailor” primary meaning, added “sailor” as a meaning, moved “naval soldier” and “navy soldier” to the allow list, and updated meaning explanation and context sentence

親切 (10) - updated context sentence

昇給 (27) - added “pay rise” to allow list

少女 (3) - moved “little girl” and “maiden” to allow list, added “young woman” to allow list, and updated meaning explanation

頂戴 (53) - updated meaning explanation and context sentences

終わる (10) added “to be over” to meanings, updated meaning explanation, and updated context sentence translation

迷惑メール (29) - added “spam mail” to meanings, updated meaning explanation, corrected context sentence translation, and added two new context sentences

殴り合い (50) - updated meaning explanation

間に合う (14) - updated meaning explanation

知り合い (14) - updated meaning explanation

宝石 (4) - added “gem” to meanings

正す (2) - put “to be correct” on the block list

生地 (8) - added “natural” to block list

代用 (4) - updated context sentence


Thank you prophet of paticles (and Jenny and Kumirei, etc.)!

Come on, what’s going on, @TofuguJenny? What did you mean by next time for the paticles? Next overhaul? :man_shrugging: :wink:


Thanks Jenny ^^


Thanks Joeni


Thank you, Jenny.

Thank you, Jerry.


Thank you.


Thank you!


Thank you, Kumi


Awesome! I appreciate the changes.

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You said you changed the primary reading, but りん is no longer accepted. This should be reflected in the update if it’s intentional

I had it at enlightened and was answering with りん ANIME%20NITRO%20EMOTE%20SERVER-1 Got knocked down all the way to apprentice 1 over a couple of days


Oh no :cold_sweat: Sorry @Kumirei :bowing_woman:t3:
We just switched the primary reading from on’yomi to kun’yomi, so if you enter りん you should just get the shake animation and a message asking for the kun’yomi. I double checked and りん is still listed as the on’yomi, so I don’t understand why that happened… It sounds like it may be a bug, so I’ll look into it.


Sorry, I’m not expressing myself well enough. What I mean is that I think it should be reflected in the update that not only was the primary reading changed, but the old reading is no longer accepted (it shakes). There are kanji with non-primary readings which are accepted, so just saying that you changed the primary meaning doesn’t quite tell the whole story


Ah I see. Thanks for clarifying! I think that if it shakes, you shouldn’t get knocked down, but maybe I’m wrong about that.

For kanji, we can set the primary reading as either kun’yomi or on’yomi, not specifically りん or あや for example, so multiple readings will only be accepted if they are all the same type of reading. I’ll change the wording in the update to hopefully make this clearer - let me know if it helps!

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You don’t, but I didn’t remember the other reading sweat_smile I expected りん to still work since, as I understood it, only the primary reading had changed

I see. I guess that’s what I get for looking more at the API than the info on WK itself


I can see the confusion! I think it’s because primary readings/meanings work a little differently for kanji and for vocab. I’ve changed the wording of the update, but that wouldn’t be helpful for anyone who doesn’t check the updates. I’ll talk to the rest of the team and see if we can think of a better solution for these kinds of changes to kanji :thinking:


Oh, my. I had some trouble with the kanji 綾. I swear to God when I learnt it, I was taught リン as the primary (and on-yomi) reading, but then all of a sudden it started asking me for あや. I was very confused…
Did I trip?
Nonetheless, I’m thankful for some of the changes.


Mentioning the change from on to kun is a bit clearer, thanks!


Sorry for the confusion folks! These kinds of changes are always a bit tricky. It’s about balancing improvements against making things more complicated for people who have already learnt the kanji. We try not to do it unless we really think it’s helpful in the long run. We’ll definitely be more careful with update wording from now on, and maybe we can find a better solution too.

(Hopefully you’ll both remember both readings for 綾 now though! :sweat_smile:)


Add me to the りん complainers. I was totally confused! Glad I checked here.


Has there be a hidden contents update in Level 14?
It had 119 vocab items until this morning, now it has only 118 (and I have lost one burned item :unamused:). I don’t know which one has disappeared as I don’t see it anymore.