Sentence question - what does 交通ひこみ means?

Heya everyone ! Sorry if this is an obvious question, but I have searched everywhere online the meaning of “交通ひこみ” in the sentence “この仕事は、交通ひこみですか - does this job have transportation allowance ?” (found in the contextual sentences for the word “仕事 - job”) and I haven’t found anything so far… I know it’s supposed to mean “transportation allowance” or something like that, but no dictionnary that I have tried knows it… Do you know where I could find more about it ?

Also I got lifetime two days ago, yay ! I’m a slow climber and have too little time to spare for this, but I like the language very much, and I hope to get decent at reading it some day !


交通ひ would normally be written 交通費 if you used all the kanji.

み is a suffix that means “included”.


Thank you very much, that was it !

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