How did you learn the following?

I am having trouble between these two words:
見物: sight seeing
見事: splendid, magnificent

Both words are 見 (see) 物, 事 (thing) and I always mix up between the two.

Did you guys have any kind of special mnemonic for it?


I heard 見事 alot in anime. I still get 見物 wrong.

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Haha, so I am not the only one.
Hope someone has a good mnemonic to separate the two.

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my mnemonic has always been ken puts on his ぶつ to go sightseeing


I struggle a lot with this too! I need something to help me visually. I thought of this…

For 見事, the 事 reminds me a bit of the kanji for brush, 聿. I think “Wow, what a magnificent brush!”

Hope that helps :sweat_smile:

物 usually refers to concrete, real things while 事 usually refers to concepts and ideas*
You can’t see concepts and ideas, only real things, so if you’re sightseeing it can only be 見物.

*this isn’t 100% true but it’s good enough for me as a memonic lol


I think 物 is “physical thing” and 事 is “abstract thing”.

So 見物 becomes “see a physical thing”, and 見事 becomes … the other one.


I always read it first even when it asks for meaning, and then I know the meaning from the reading. Quite roundabout, but it works for me since I remember sighseeing was with Ken.


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