Sentence check

I wanted to say -

soon these flowers will fall and it will be already be summer. time is flying.

Would this work -



I guess check the English sentence first so we know what you’re trying to say? I imagine 降る is probably not the right verb, since that means to fall from the sky like rain / snow, or fall from a high place (probably at least higher than your head).

Unless you’re talking about sakura (though it’s a bit late in most parts I think). Sakura don’t really last anywhere close to summer.

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I just somehow managed to, whilst fixing a typo, copy ‘このひつじf’ into the post.


OK. I see - well - cherry blossom, but not in japan. Could i change the second part to have a ‘nearly’ in there? if so what word would be most appropriate?

In doing some searching on HiNative and Weblio’s EJ-JE dictionary, I think something more natural sounding for the second part would be more like this:


‘あっという間に’ being an expression comparable to English phrases like ‘in an instant’, ‘in the blink of an eye’, etc.

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Also, just for fun since I was digging more, there’s also this proverb that carries a very similar meaning:


With a rough meaning that time passes quickly/life is short/etc.

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hmm interesting ! i will have to work out what the hell is gong on in this sentence this evening :rofl:

I like you already :fist_right: :fist_left: haha. love a proverb.

Also just for fun asked google translate what it thought of this proverb …
‘Like a light arrow’ . Nailed it :muscle:

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It’s not that complicated:

時は - as for time
あっという間に - quickly/in an instant/in the blink of an eye/etc.
過ぎています - is passing/elapsing.

Oh Google Translate. Never change. :rofl:

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And if you want a monolingual dictionary definition for that expression:

ah ha - I’ve never used a monolingual dictionary before… but did hear recently that is is a good way to accelerate understanding :face_with_monocle:

Ok - so this is a single word?

didn’t quite clock that 過ぎて was the te form of 過ぎます - so that makes sense now ! thank you very much ! :slight_smile:

Yeah, it’s a nice difference of perspective to read the definition from a native dictionary. Tools like JMdict are great and all, but single or short English phrases can’t always capture the full nuance of words. Plus I use it as just another way to get immersion into native material.

It’s an expression. It’s a combination of あっ (ah!) + と (quotation marker) + 言う (to say) + 間 (interval of time) + に (temporal noun marker). Somewhat literally it’s like "in the time (it takes) to say ‘ah!’ ".

No prob!

瞬く間に also means “in the blink of an eye”

The verb usually used for falling leaves is 散る.

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