Self Review with Script

Does anyone here go through the Self-Study script for Guru’d items often?

I find myself sometimes struggling to remember some readings for vocab and kanji if WK whips it out several days after I last saw it ^^;; but I dont know how realistic it is too use self study to review hundreds of kanji and vocab

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I do. It’s sometimes really easy for a Guru’d item to become demoted to an apprentice item especially while doing larger chunks of reviews.

I also like to do self-study per WK level as opposed to the SRS level. So sometimes doing i’ll just focus on level 3, 4 or 5 kanji/vocab since a lot of my leeches come from similar vocab.

I think its helpful in the sense that you’re working the SRS system to its advantage. If you separate your reviews out through the day and get through them before you go to sleep, I think that’s fine. It depends on the value you give to getting things wrong, as in you have perfectionistic tendencies and take wrong answers personally. If not, don’t sweat it since the repetition will only allow you to retain it in your long term v. short term memory.

If you dont have much time and find you allow them to build up, there are also user scripts to prioritize overdue items.

But its only really helpful if you allow them to build up & dont already have a consistent review schedule.

How often are you reviewing?

I basically try and review anytime they’re up. It’s not at a set time since i took a very long break during level 2 that my reviews are kinda scattered. Unless I’m sleeping I can generally do them whenever anything is ready for review. The only issue is I’m not sure if I should wait for 20+ to be ready for review or just do the ones that are ready as they come up (which can be 1 at a time or 5, etc.)

So it’s not necessarily consistent in terms of time of day but I’m trying to be consistent and do them say the reviews come up.

I think you should do it at a pace you’re comfortable with. Using the self-study in between reviews, waiting for them to pile up, doing only a set of them at a time, etc can really only be said according to your schedule. I definitely pace my reviews based on what I am doing per day, or based on what’s expected for the day.

I use this script to help me figure out how to pace my lessons & reviews for the next day. This is how it looks like on my dashboard:

I’ll probably do the seven because I have the capacity to in the moment, but sometimes i’m bone tired and will wait for the morning.

Knowing my expected daily helps me to see that ill probably do 4 chunks of 50 reviews, or 5 sets of 40…or 2 sets of 100, depending on what my personal schedule looks like. Since I do the majority of my reviews on my computer and then sneak a few here and there during commutes or going to the restroom on my phone, I find I can clear them with ease. But the load steadily increases the higher levels you are.

You can also use KameSame or KaniWani as well. I’d recommend starting sooner than later & syncing your account so you can work through the lessons + reviews.


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