Tips to Increase Review Correct %?

I’m currently level 20 and have been averaging 8 days per level. I’ve notice that my Review Summaries are beginning to lower as I’m forgetting lots of vocab in the guru/master stage.

I used to consistently get 90+% correct on Reviews but now i’m sliding down to mid 80s. Should I be taking a break from new levels to study older kanji/vocab to get my percentage back up? Do you all ever review words that are not yet up for review by the app itself?


From my own Guide to WK, one very solid way of fixing your situation:

One simple trick that I also recommend is always reviewing for yourself the items you got wrong after you finish a review session (by looking at the results page).


I just want to add that it’s perfectly normal for your review accuracy to drop. As the material gets more difficult and your workload increases, it’s not surprising. But the tips @jprspereira gave are good for minimizing the drop in accuracy.


Note that, IMO, you shouldn’t self-review items with a high SRS level. At that point, you’re expected to know them fairly well. If you need to review an item one week before it reaches Enlightened or Burned to get it right, it’s extremely doubtful you know it well at all.

It’s usually Apprentice items you’d want to review anyway, but if one of your leeches ends up at Master+, you should leave it alone until it’s back to Guru or Burned.

Read more Japanese. Mid-20s kanji are all very common. If you see them actually get used it helps them stick a lot better.


If you need to review something more, get it wrong :grin:

SRS is the study method, not the test that you have to study for in order to pass and get a passing grade.
(Unless you’re trying to level up fast, but even then only your new apprentice radical and kanji correctness matters.)


SRS is meant to make memorization more efficient, not more effective. if anything, come across or, failing that, review items more often.
wanikani tries to provide you with the minimum exposure
needed to remember things, but it’s always better to see them more often. that’s also why they strongly recommend reading in their guide.

of course, if you review something shortly before you burn it, you need to follow up with more exposure later, but you’ll want to do that anyway, because “burn” doesn’t
mean “finished, you’ll remember this forever now”. it means “ok, we’re fairly certain you’ll remember thisfor a while, until you hopefully see it somewhere else”.

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They sell pills to increase your review correct percent but be careful. If your review correct percent is still high after four hours, contact your physician or pharmacist.


Joke aside, there ARE pills that can help you with concentration and memory.

  • Caffeine pills are a good alternative to coffee and doesn’t stain your teeth or give you stomach aches, for the sensitive little flowers out there.
  • Omega-3 (fish oil) are cheap and do wonders for brain functions, if everyone on earth should take one supplement, that’s it. I’m convinced the global IQ would rise by 2 points.
  • Sunflower Lecithin pills contribute to the health of the brain membrane, and are pretty cheap as well.
  • And, of course, multivitamins are always good.

None of these are going to make you the Limitless guy, of course, but taking them did improve my concentration and reduced the brain fog that typically comes with a full time job or similar.



No, they don’t :eyes: ALA has a poor DHA/EPA conversion rate.

It only works if there’s no heavy tolerance to coffee. Otherwise, it’s just gives that quick awakening.

What about… water? Most people don’t drink enough of it. It hurts way more to be dehydrated than what caffeine/etc gives as a benefit.


… and sleep too. I see people on the P___ thread, apparently for 24 hours at a time. :slight_smile: It has to take your memory ability down. (If a person can whiz through levels without sleep, how much better would that person do with sleep?)


you bet lack of sleep impairs your memory. when i hit lvl 24, i had 2 stressful weeks after me and was deeply tired. not enough sleep makes you operate on autopilot with terrible concentration.

With exposure I want to improve my awful listening and grammar skills. If I fake burn items I’m pretty sure I’ll have to focus on them too all the time, and at that point it’s like why did I even bother studying the word anyway.

I started BunPro a week ago and I’m terrible, but the constant mistakes I make help me understand the lessons better when I actually bother reading them :sweat_smile:

From what I’ve read, the brain will transfer your useful short-term memories into the long-term memory as you sleep. Having good sleeping nights can help a lot when studying.

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