[Userscript] WaniKani Prioritize Overdue Reviews (reorder script)

You’re a star! Even your golden background agrees!


I realized that I pretty much don’t need this script at all… for WaniKani. On BunPro I need it more than the air that I breathe.


Great! Not needing a reorder script is a beautiful thing!

After your conversation with konekush, I actually disabled it myself today. I’ll just keep it around for emergencies.


It’s my first time using testing this userscript. I’m rfindley’s reorder ultimate newest script regular user. I mean I’m more familiar of his script than this one but I’ve been curious about this script and just got time to test it right now. Idk if this script is really working or not. I’m using Firefox right now on my Mac. There is no things to right click to do reviews based on WK level(s) or based on radical/kanji/vocabs only? Is this a bug or is it a feature?

Did you read the description of the script? It doesn’t let you reorder by either of those. Click the little gear icon at the top left of the page to see the available settings.

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I did since the first time I saw this post months ago but I never really understand what it is no matter how many times I read the description. I just checked “overdue” meaning on Google. I clicked the little gear icon at the top left then I saw that medicine icon, it was 3, then after I reviewed some turtles, it became 0.


Right, so it’s working. The script determined that you had three overdue items, so it put them towards the front of your review queue. Hence after not much time it went to zero since you reviewed them.

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I think it really only makes much of a difference if you’re super behind in your reviews. If you’re current on your reviews, it does nothing.

The idea is if you can’t keep up, it makes the ones that are the most past their due time come up before ones that are not.


Oh, I got it. Thanks. cc @seanblue too.


Request! Can you add a toggle on/off option somewhere? Either in the in-reviews settings and/or on the review summary page?

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So that you don’t have to disable the script itself?

I considered this before, but I wasn’t sure what to do if the script had already ordered reviews and then you turned it off in the settings. What behavior would you expect in that case?

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Maybe whenever you leave the reviews page/reach the review summary page, the script will be always turned off, but you’d have to turn sorting on manually within the review session/from the page summary (for the next review session only)?

The script is only ever active on a review session page as it is. And I don’t think I should require people to run it manually every review session. I meant more so that if you disable the script from a script setting should I leave the reviews sorted? Shuffle one last time? Something else?

Is there a reason simply disabling the script from Tampermonkey (or whatever script manager you use) isn’t enough?

Turning it on requires to always go to the dashboard from your reviews, which is a bunch of clicks (at least 4) and a bunch of searching, especially if you run more than a few scripts already.

Anyone know if it’s possible (I know they are not intended to work together) to use this script together with the regular reorder script to get 1x1 and/or sorting by type as well?

Someone who helped me beta test the script asked about 1x1 mode, and I think I got that working at the time. But it’s unlikely that you could do any other sorting like by type and have it work with this script.

I guess @xMunch would be the person to ask whether ordering by type would keep the relative order within the types.

Gonna try it now :smiley:

Just to make everyone aware, I haven’t updated this script in response to the API changes made August 17, 2020 API Version 2 Changes Are In Effect, so this script probably no longer works. I’ll try to address this as soon as possible, but I have no estimate for when that’ll happen.


can confirm. is in fact broken

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