Seiyuu Fans Gather! ~ 声優ファンたちあつまえぇ! 🎙📣:high_touch:

After making regular posts about Japanese voice actors for nearly a month during @Toyger’s Christmas Advent Calendar 2021, I realized I really wanted a space to post about Japanese voice actors (声優) more permanently.

I wanted a space where everyone can share anything about voice actors: interviews with them, videos of live voice acting, blogs, Youtube channels, twitterposts, anything really - and to generally just gush about Japanese seiyuu! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I hope there are more than me that wanna share in this joy of Japanese voice acting and wanna post whatever they like about them!


Rules for this thread

Since, seiyuu will voice act scenes live of great scenes in anime and that’s fabulous, do share! But also, warn people that might not have watched that series yet. Show respect and blur before posting. Some Youtube-videos are spoilerish by the thumbnail they use or wording in their title, do think about those factors as well. It’s easy to unblurr stuff, hard to unsee anything! :sweat_smile:

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more instructions if necessary but I hope not! :slight_smile:


Seiyuu Resources!

This is a wiki!

Post links and descriptions of seiyuu’s blogs, Twitter accounts, YT channels, anything of note to let people find content about the seiyuu they like

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This is a great video of the Lupin III cast appearing before children in the 80s (anyone knows if this is true, 70s??) and the audience trying to point out who’s who in the anime Lupin III, after just watching a short sketch of them in completely different roles! :grin:


I think this video is a true gem of both the audience of the time to appreciate Lupin III and how voice acting was perceived at the time (at least among kids!) - something very mysterious!. :slight_smile:
(I doubt that is true today with how much more visual in Japanese society seiyuu has become since Lupin III, it’s a profession that has seen immense changes, while retaining many of the same things!

And the matching voice with character thing is hard as a kid! It just is. I doubt I’d do much better.

Basically, what I think here is that these voice actors are actually a bit reproducing “voice expectations” for their time (70s? 80s? at this point) and that means there and “affect” to their speaking habits, as there is today to seiyuu’s “acting habits”. Or that’s my thoughts about is.

I might be wrong for sure, but there is a generation of seiyuu with speaking habits/ patterns/ ?? that are clearly a sign of their time, and I always wondered what that was about?

I love so many of them, but also, dislike some of them for their “theatricality” - and a connection I sense ( I don’t know anything really) is that they have theatrical experience on theatrical stages before going into voice acting.

I do think that was a thing in the past for some actors, and I’ve already posted about the sense of condecention you got for going into voice acting, compared to just a (“normal job + waiting for the next role in “real” acting”), read more about this in the Advents thread, but is still bothers me that both Yamadera-san and Akio-san were talking about this as normal to see stage acting in one light and seiyuu work as low-level work you don’t bother with! - that’s just sad! : (


There isn’t too many Seiyuu’s I follow tbh but I really like Takashi Rie, I’ve even got her autograph on 2 different shikishi boards


One of my favorite seiyuus is Ono Daisuke. He’s a dork in the best way possible and I love the enthusiasm he seems to take with him everywhere. My first time appreciating him was when he voiced Erwin Smith form Shingeki no Kyojin.

Here are a couple of fun singing videos I found because of that connection :slight_smile:

He also sings as himself and has some music videos even.

Nowadays, I really appreciate him in his role as Jotaro from JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken, which he continues to reprise with excellence. I also appreciate his dedication to JoJo itself as it’s rumored that he buys all the merch

but he also practices JoJo posing :ok_hand:


I remember Ono-san doing some posing as well during some of the Kuroshitsuji events! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: He’s such a charming sunbeam of a person! <3

Here he is during the Kuroshitsuji Red Valentine Event, where the mangaka wrote an original sketch for the cast to perform live!

Daisuke Ono as Sebastian Michaelis
Jun Fukuyama as Grell
Noriaki Sugiyama as William T. Spears
Junichi Suwabe as Undertaker
Koji Yusa as Lau
Tatsuhisa Suzuki as Viscount Druitt
Yuuki Kaji as Finny
Hiroki Touchi as Bard
Shinnosuke Tachibana as Soma
Hiroki Yasumoto as Agni
Satoshi Hino as Ash

Apparently, that major battle in My Hero Academia was pushing Kenta Miyake (who does the role of All-Might) to the limits! :astonished:

MAJOR SPOILERS for My Hero Academia

Kenta Miyake and Akio Ootsuka chatting at a live event about Miyake passing out during the recording of the fight. ^>^

tagging @TheVeggieMunch

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It’s fitting in a way. That fight was crazy good. Probably the best fight in BNHA. It had great music, riveting action and an unbelievable emotional impact on the story.

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I totally agree. That studio director knew what he was doing when asking Miyake-san to bring even more into the scene! :grin: (and he ended up giving all he could!!)

Both actors are amazing and this made this fight special, imo! ^^

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Did you start watching BNHA, EKG san?

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Video of Junichi Suwabe :heart: and Tomoaki Maeno (rising star seiyuu! :star2: ) make tin sake cups together!

I have no idea why they’re doing this, but it’s fun listening to their conversation and interactions! <3


wait this is part of a series of sorts?? More confusion. Which anime did they work together on?? XD

them sketching, and then making drinking classes with glass blowing techniques! :exploding_head: (with pro help of course as in the previous vid, but still, they’ve got some nice ideas here!)

Toshiyuki Morikawa and Hikaru Midorikawa dance, Junichi Suwabe directs and lipsync to Beauty and the Beast, while Toyonaga films! :joy:

Yuuki Kaji also has a goldmine of a YouTube channel, it’s so good! I’m particularly loving his current playthrough of ときめきメモリアルGS4 - he voices the protagonist but also does the voices of other characters (as the rest have voice acting in the game) where there are messages from them or anything like that. Looks like as well as game streams he also has some recording of short stories/novellas etc as well.

Here’s the first ときめき stream:

Oddly enough I just stumbled across it looking for a ときめき let’s play and didn’t realise for a while that he voices a bunch of my favourite characters including the one from my WK avatar lol.



If you have trouble sleeping, you can always listen to Junichi Suwabe count sheep until you fall asleep ~ aka the sexy guide to counting in Japanese! :blush:


Hahah that’s great :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

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This is too cute and endearing! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Seriously, I’m stuck in Suwabe heaven for now. But his parody of ??? bartendering? French cooking?? Why not both! is tickling my laughing genes! :joy:

(first time of me seeing him with a beard as well! )