Seeing an old Vocab in lessons I'm pretty sure I already learned

So I was doing some lessons and came across 増す. I remembered this and was pretty sure I had already learned it. Checking it afterwards, I saw it’s a level 25 vocab. I am level 28 now and recently had 0 lessons, I just unlocked some more items while progressing through current level. But this level 25 vocab is saying it was unlocked on the 19th. I checked the change logs for the site and didn’t see any mention of this vocab item so I don’t think it has been changed or reactivated etc.

Also my recent unlocks show the 13th as the most recent but I know I’ve unlocked more kanji and vocab for the current level within the last week. This could be due to the caching mentioned in other threads.

Any ideas why I got a vocab item in my lessons which I had already learned a few levels back?

It has happened again. I am sure I learned 頑張る before, and now it’s appearing again in my recent unlocks. I’m aware some items get moved around to different levels, but I’ve searched and have not found any note of this item changing level in the changelogs. Also, on level 27 I had 0 lessons, so how can I have everything up to level 27 unlocked, and then later unlock a level 25 item?

Has anyone else seen this happening, already unlocked items getting unlocked again? Or can anyone explain if I’m missing something? Or can the Devs share full changelogs if there are changes that have not been announced already?

Yeah , that happened to me a few minutes ago with the word 通る, so I am not sure what is going on.

It’s particularly strange when it happens with an item from a few levels previous, and you know you’ve completely cleared your lesson queue since progressing past that level.

Are you REALLY sure you have unlocked this item before? Looking at your history this item was just unlocked yesterday. On edge cases there may be items that don’t unlock when the should. This looks like it is one of them. It looked like it finally unlocked now due to its kanji sharing with the new vocabulary 頑丈. We have a service which looks at each kanji component and check its amalgamations if the user is qualified for the item. It must have found a straggler which didn’t get assigned yet.

This is a level 7 item. You are level 7. You guru’d the kanji necessary for this vocabulary on 2017-06-29 12:25:3 GMT. There is nothing going on here.

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I was pretty sure I had learned “To Persevere” before, yes. I could be mistaken but I was pretty sure I had. As for the first one I posted, I’m pretty sure I learned that too. The meaning being “to increase” and the reading being “masu”, and because I have a degree in Physics, I ignored the given mnemonic and just thought of “increasing mass”. So I’m even more sure I learned that one already.

I was checking some details to see if anything stood out.

  • All other vocab for the kanji were unlocked around December 2015/January 2016, and are from level 21
  • One, 増やす, the unlock date is much later, august 2016, but that is because it is level 23, and I had my level reset back to 22 around July 2016.
  • 増す is level 25, I had my level reset back to 24 around march 2017, so I would have had to learn this one again.

Around level 27 I know I definitely had my lesson queue cleared, and other times too.

I did get the kanji 増 wrong recently, because it looked similar to another kanji and I got the reading wrong. So it would have gone back down to apprentice, and then been guru’d again on the 19th of June, which is when 増す got unlocked again. I am estimating it was re-guru’d on the 19th because as of right now it has 11 days until next review (for master), and it happens to coincide with the unlock date of the vocab.

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