New items not unlocking (like normal)

Hi, for some reason the new kanji items and I believe quite a few vocab aren’t being unlocked. I did all my radicals for this level as well as quite a few number of the kanji just like usual, but it only unlocked one of the five new kanji and about twenty of the should be around 70 new vocab.

Can you provide specific examples of what you think should be unlocking what?

Edit: Nevermind. Reread what you posted. I’ll take a look into it now.

similar problem here. I just leveled up to lvl 42, but only the radicals, a single kanji and three vocabs were unlocked. In particular, kanji from lvl 42 (e.g. 析, 到, 綱) and remaining vocab from lvl 41 (e.g. 鉱山, 郷里) are missing.

We’ve identified the issue and patched it. Recent reviews are now going through a reevaluation process to unlock eligible items. Expected items should appear in your queues very soon.


The re-evaluation is all done. Let us know if you think you’re missing any assignments and we’ll keep digging.

Nothing changed as of yet

Edit: One more kanji did unlock, but that was done about thirty minutes ago.

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Can you check your queue again? You should be good now.

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Yup, it works now. The rest of the new kanji and vocab unlocked. Thanks!

Thanks, works here as well now. Time to do some lessons …:muscle:

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