See all of lesson queue without taking lessons?

I’m often interested in seeing in advance what lessons are coming up without actually taking all of the lessons. In order to not burn out on WaniKani I am trying to keep my total number of apprentice under 100 and to not add too many words at once.

For example, today I had 53 new words after putting several kanjis into guru. I did the lessons for the first 30 and stopped there because I think that’s enough to not overload myself with new material. However, I’m interested in skimming the next 23 to start filling my subconscious with the words even though I’m not ready to add them to SRS yet.

I’m aware I can see the next 5 (or 10 if I increase the lesson size). I’ve also configured a filter in the self-study tool to show only the lesson queue but the UI of the lesson queue isn’t as pretty as the full lesson page itself

Does such a thing exist?

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You could use wkstats for this: wkstats

More specifically, if you go to Items->Wanikani on WKStats, and disable all SRS stages except for lessons, which can be done from the Show/Hide section under the config at the top of the page, you’ll be left with all items in your lesson queue. You can also click on the items there to go to the full item page if you want to see the item’s full information.


Just want to add something - if you have Android, there’s an app called Jakeipuu, and it shows you all the lessons you can do, and on top of that lets you cherry-pick which ones you want to learn now. :slight_smile:

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