Searching for an Anki Grammar Deck

I have checked so many articles(wanikani), websites and co and havent found a deck that suits my purpose so Im asking here.

Does someone know a deck with grammar points sorted by JLPT Levels where the grammar point gets displayed with 1 or more example sentences and the definition.

Ive found so many without a definition or only example sentences…

Im searching for something like Bunpro, but only sentences and only the first card where you learn the grammar point.

Thanks in advance to everyone answering/helping!


Would a custom deck be fine as well? I have an “add-as-you-go” deck made by myself. It covers grammar up to N2-N1, but is not fully sorted (not even sure how that would work :frowning: ) and not exhaustive when it comes to grammar at and above N3 (the grammar points per JLPT level are anyhow arbitrary).

Of course I’d like to take a look.