Is this a better Anki grammar card format?

Ever since I started studying Japanese I’ve always made the front of the card just the word or piece of grammar. Then I’d put the meaning and examples on the back. Lately I’ve been wondering if I should change it to a list of example sentences with the grammar piece highlighted and then make it so that I have to guess what the grammar point is trying to convey in each sentence.

My current method:

My (possibly) new method:

Does this seem like a better way to do it than quizzing myself without context? I’m worried that I’m going to just start memorizing the actual sentences though. Do you think I should do this for vocab as well?

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I tried learning grammar similar to the first one. In the front I had the grammar point, and I had to figure out what it means. I had examples sentences too. However I found it difficult to just learn the points, also some points had different meanings, which I wanted to learn all.

The newer design looks better, since you have it in context. Not sure if similar problem still arise, when you have more complex grammar points. (But ok for this you could make flash cards for each point and just have sentences for one point on a card.)
I think personally I would make like one sentence, since several sentences might give too much hints.

I didn’t made any new grammar cards, but reading about how to make flashcards and some suggested for grammar, to make a sentence and you have to fill in the blank spot. (I guess in that regard it would be similar to Bunpro, just maybe Bunpro giving hints and stuff, when you fill in a similar concept which might work, but wasn’t exactly right.)

I imagine JLPT like flash cards with multiple choice might help too. (I found it at least to some extent useful to learn JLPT material, since sometimes I was quite unsure what the differences of similar grammar points were.) (Doing this might be useful for seeing different options and finding the matching one. With the other options above, I think you might need some kind of translation so that you know what to fill in.)

Anyway this is just some ideas, I don’t use any grammar cards at the moment and use just Bunpro.


That’s a good point about maybe having just one sentence. I’ll try it both ways and see how it goes.
I didn’t consider multiple choice but that’s a good idea too, especially if I can make it with very very similar-looking options for maximum difficulty haha.
Thanks for the suggestions!

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Ooooh, that’s an amazing idea! One could even use all the test questions from Shinkanzen Master :rofl:

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The second method (One sentence on the front) is what Jalup does, and I absolutely love it. So I definitely recommend it :b

Two ways I can think of to combat that:

  1. Making sure each grammar point is included in multiple example sentences. The first example sentence 「私はむしろ一人で行きたい。」also includes the “want to” grammar point. So even though you aren’t directly quizzing it, you still see it in context. This helps.
  2. I’m pretty sure Anki has a random feature somewhere. I think you can randomly pick from multiple fields on the card? So you’d add e.g. 3 different “Fronts” and one gets chosen at random.

Ideally you’d probably do both?

EDIT: Some googling seems to suggest the random feature isn’t included by default? :thinking:
You’d either have to do it with javascript (works on mobile and pc) or use a plugin (only pc)
Link to the plugin
Link to javascript?
No idea if these work :see_no_evil:

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