Ultimative Grammar ANKI Deck - all 850 Grammar points with 6500 example sentences

Guys I have an anki deck that covers every grammar point, it is still not completely finished yet because I want to customize it but maybe it would be better if you just get it raw and without my editing


In this deck you have the grammar point, the english meaning and example sentences in Japanese with a translation in english too.

I currently try to add comments on when to use those rules and 使い方, so how you combine it with nouns, adjectives and so on, and also to every grammar point tags to similar structures (in meaning and in word family [like all grammar points that use volitional form or こと…])

It is basically what you find on jlpt sensei but for every example sentence that is assigned to a relevant grammar point you have a card in anki

Check it out for yourself it is awesome, if not for learning at least for a look up

I personally try to work through the anki deck like this

I see the grammar expression and I try to guess the english meaning and turn around the card to read the example sentence, if I got the meaning right (like literally for example: 向き = suitable for) and understand the example sentence I pass the card if not I click again

It is really simple, and I would love to hear your feedback and thoughts

This deck can be used by everyone because you can sort the cards by the JLPT level and there is also always an english translation provided

Here is the link again fellow Japanese-addicts thanks for reading untill here! お世話になります。



Funny, I released a very similar deck on Kitsun earlier this year using JLPT sensei though it’s setup a bit differently but the same content. I thought they did a good job on the content and examples are simple and practical to keep the focus on the grammar, something I couldn’t say for other sources. It was quite the hassle to organize this deck, so I feel your pain (unless you had some super shortcut magic trick).


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