Grammar Flashcards

So I have a problem with studying grammar… (tried bunpro didn’t stick) and I guess for the N1 I really need to improve on grammar.
But the thing is even when i do all the stuff in a book, i would like to have something that I can just pull out of my pocket and review while waiting for the doctor or the train or whatever (and japanese Books especially on grammar are just to bulky and annoying for it)

so does anyone have any tip on how to best structure flashcards for grammar points?
I’m not talking about the basic grammar, but the N1 (maybe some N2) grammar.
with vocab it is much easier. putting the word on the front and meaning on the back, but how would one do that for grammar?

thanks in advance.

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what books did yo try for n1 and n2?

shinkanzen master and sou matome?

Bunpro unfortunately for n2 and n1 they are not good. To this day I am also looking for other methodologies to stick those grammar points. Meanwhile since I am watching only anime for immersion, those n3 grammar points are enough for now.

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I tried sou matome, TRY! (Though i thought this at least had it stick a bit more), Speed Master and one where I have no idea what the title is (I bought it years ago after deciding to go for the higher JLPTs in Japan at a bookoff)

If you use
Comprehension deck: There are a couple utilities; the deck is separated by N level for sentences and you have have for audio and reading layout (or isolate) to test comprehension. There is also a vocab-like section for grammar points if that is needed (both Jp/Eng or reverse layouts), all with various tag filters. In addition, there a sibling Translation deck using the same sentences. You get the english sentence along with an optional grammar hint to complete the translation (much hard exercise, I find it more useful to find selective sentences you want to practice output rather chomp it down like a standard vocab deck but it is up to the user). You can enter custom translations if not a perfect fit as well. And if you want to challenge further, there is an N0 deck for so called N0 grammar (all Japanese, no English)…more details in the descriptions. Kitsun has a native app as well, there is a link somewhere.

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The thing is i don’t want the 50th app but i want to make physial flashcards

Feel free to check out anyways for flashcard ideas on whatever you want. Carrying around a stack of index cards doesn’t seem convenient to keep organized and has no audio testing, hyperlink toolbelts, etc. but to each their own. I know others say that making decks is the study itself they find helpful but I never had that experience much. Best of luck getting what you want.