Sometimes I hate WaniKani

I know there is a WaniKani app that fixes some of these problems; however, I was finally about to pass level 1, basically exactly 6 days later. But, then I accidentally put the reading for the meaning twice. This now makes me wait an ton more to pass the current level, which I was looking forward too. On top of that, since my computer broke around a month ago, it was a little annoying finding out I couldn’t install the user scripts, since I’m on iOS. Now, I’ll reach level 2 in about 7 hours.


Doesn’t the tsurukame have some script options to turn on and off?


Oh, I’m so sorry I asked such a bad question. I wasn’t able to download the app since I’m out of storage, but thank you!

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Ah dang, I was going to suggest that Firefox still has a working Tampermonkey, but that also doesn’t seem to be an option :confused:

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Might be a bit off-topic but if it looks like you won’t be able to afford a new computer any time soon, you could possibly try a Raspberry Pi for a while. They’re pretty cheap and it can at least do Office and basic internet stuff a lot better than your phone.


Definitely see if you can free up some space. The Tsurukame app is great.

With mobile keyboards being what they are, I wouldn’t be able to use WK at all without the functionality of the app.


Definitely this^^^ There is no way I would be able to use WK on my iPhone if not for the Tsurukame app :+1:

Come on free up some space and get it over with. There’s gotta be a couple of songs you can get rid off :joy: It’s only 40MB…


Among the many things that WaniKani teaches, we also learn patience.


Give it a few more levels. At a certain point, you will feel so overwhelmed with lessons and reviews that you will fondly remember that one time in the beginning when the app made you wait.


Haha yah, I deleted a few things and I’m trying the app out now! Is there a way to add any script, or for example, for the script where it lets you ignore some careless mistakes? I looked in the setting, but couldn’t find it.

No script but if you enter something wrong it’s gonna ask you and give you three options to choose from:

  1. Your answer was correct
  2. You want to repeat the kanji or vocab
  3. Your answer was wrong

Only in #3 it’ll mark it as a mistake. I use #1 for typos, I use #2 when I’m close enough, or when I mix up kun’yomi and on’yomi readings, and #3 when I have no idea and I completely forgot. Btw, when you choose #2, the app will mix it in with the rest of remaining words, and if for the second time I don’t get it correct, I’ll count it as a mistake (#3).

Just don’t abuse it, because you’ll have trouble later on with all the leeches starting to hit you at once in later levels;)


The setting is called Allow Cheating.

Turn that on and it will work like @sakaijin explained.


Thanks, I missed that. Somehow, I don’t remember setting it in options… :joy:


I don’t remember if it’s on by default either. I’ve been using the app for years at this point. lol


Go slowly man, you’ll get used to the color change (One is meaning and one is reading). For me it’s automatic but at your level you have to slow to maintain your accuracy. Also Tsurukame app is really good, I have no idea why you’re torturing yourself with the online mobile version

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I finally tried it with my new vocab words for level 1. For some reason for the word, 入ねる when I enter the reading, いねる, it for some reason marks it as “wrong” it kind of shakes. I can’t figure out what I’m inputting wrong. It’s probably a careless mistake, but I’ve looked at the readings and can’t find it

ね vs れ



@anon1067447 got it. It’s いれる not いねる. :smiley:

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Oh god, I can’t believe I didn’t notice, it’s like I’m blind. Anyway thank you


You can cheat to install user scripts, FYI, on iOS.

Install the Kiwi Browser from the App Store. This is a Chromium based browser (that uses WebKit on iOS…but that’s more technical than you need to know so I will stop :smiley: ). It is also one of the ONLY mobile browsers I have found that offers the ability to install any Chrome based extension, including TamperMonkey, which then allows you to install the WK scripts you want/need. I do this on my Android phone and have done it on an iPad I had from work. Works just fine.

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