Scheduled Downtime for January 11 at 2:00pm PST


…also known as 10 PM UTC. We are budgeting for 30 minutes, but it’ll probably be much quicker than that.

As usual, we’ll post updates during the maintenance window and let everyone know how it’s going. We’ll also post an update here when it’s all done so you can dive back into reviews.

Thanks for the understanding and patience.

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It doesn’t bother me any, but curious why you chose 2pm PST/5pm EST/10pm UTC/7am JST when everyone could be working at the same time? Even though everyone’s awake, is it still one of your lowest utilization times?


Utilization is actually consistent throughout the day. There are a couple “down” periods, but the difference in traffic is insignificant. In other words, it doesn’t really matter what time of day we do these downtimes.


Interesting, that’s a nice problem to have.


Perfect. That’s on my lunch break. (Not ironic. I don’t do reviews on lunch break.)


I don’t do them on my lunch break either.


As a Texan with horrible sleep practices, I’m happy to contribute to site usage at European times.


You and me both, brother.


darn, that’s on my lunch break, I do my reviews during lunch.




But I’m not near Austin. I’m in South Texas near Corpus Christi.


I’m saying maybe you should sleep with someone from Austin…


I’m tainted by Corpus Christi. I wouldn’t do that to Austin!




WK down for updates:

The forums too:


What do you mean I can’t not do my reviews for half an hour?


Forums will remain up during the downtime :tada:



Is this for Meltdown/Spectre patches? Just curious.

I’m a sysadmin with about ten servers and will be doing this within the next few days as well - though in my case the virtual hosting provider (Linode) picks the exact times.