Scheduled Downtime for December 14, 2:00pm PST

We’re doing some non-routine maintenance on the Crabigator and need the site to be offline for a little while. So, on December 14 starting at 2:00pm PST, the site will be in maintenance mode for about an hour. We’re hoping it goes faster than that but are planning on the whole hour.

We’ll post updates during the maintenance window and let everyone know how it’s going. We’ll also post an update here when it’s all done so you can dive back into reviews.

Thanks for the patience — we’re striving to make the Crabigator ever stronger, better, and more capable of world domination, er, I mean, to serve up those reviews. :wink:


Thank you for all the work on this site. Not happy that the site maintenance is occurring during the morning commute in Japan, but at least I have a long trip to catch up on reviews toward the end :grinning:

Here I was, thinking the site would be down now, since it‘s 15:37 PST now. But you‘re a day behind Japan, it‘s still the 13th… This is weird.

Oh, timezone logic. Gets me every time.


Ok, but you’re only allowed exactly one hour. Because after that hour is up, I should be leveling up. :slight_smile:

And so it begins. Duh-duh-duh.

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And so it ends! The Crabigator is back in action!


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