Satori Reader Version 2 API not working

Hi - I had a search through the community and couldn’t find any mentions of this. I have been adding in Version 2 API to third party apps and couldn’t add version 2 API to Satori App. The Version 1 works ok, but it looks like it’s on the way out. Am I missing something? Sorry if people have already discussed this - if so - just point me to the discussion. Thanks in advance. Ronald

You should probably report it to Satori and let them know that API v1 will be phased out in the near future. They may not even be aware that there is a new version of the API.

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Great advice! I will do that right now. Very kind of you to reply. Thank you! Ronald

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All done! Reported to Satori and I will update everyone here about this. Ronald


Hi everyone,

I received this promising reply from Satori reader this morning:

'Hello Ronald,

Thank you for the heads-up! We have recently learned about this and we will be updating the instructions to be clear about which key to use in our next update.

You are correct that the new keys don’t work. We do understand that the old keys are deprecated and we will be introducing support for the new keys as soon as we can. We’ll make sure that your synchronization with WaniKani is not interrupted. Thank you for your offer to help test the new keys – I’m making a note and we may take you up on that!

Thanks for the kind words as well! I’m glad you’re enjoying Satori Reader. We really appreciate your support, and we’ll work hard to continue improving the service!

Kind regards,
(Name withheld)’

So this seem promising.

A big ‘thank you’ for @seanblue for suggesting to contact Satori - great idea.



PS I really like this synch feature - I can practice my WaniKani and then put it straight into practice as I progress. It’s a great feature of WaniKani.

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