New APIv2 and its effect on Wanikani Speed and Satori Reader

I have been using Wanikani Speed on my old android phone. Not sure if it exists anymore or is being supported by the authors. It asks for my API key to be able to see my stats and progress on Wanikani. Anyone else using it? Have our API keys actually changed yet?
Same question goes for Satori Reader.
Bottom line is what do I have to do if anything to keep these two auxiliary programs working?
Thanks! ( I don’t know the difference between API keys and tokens)

APIv1 will become obsolete in September 2020, so you should switch to another app that supports APIv2.


There’s nothing you can do. The apps themselves need to change over. The issue isn’t just switching to a new key, it’s a different API that has to be coded against.

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It might be worth notifying someone at Satori about APIv2 if they don’t support it yet.

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I think someone notified them months and months ago (and I’m pretty sure they even got a response), so it’s weird that they don’t support it yet. Guess it would be good to send a reminder at this point.


Maybe they’re swamped like me :wink:


Drain the swamp!

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