Satori Reader 2017

Who here uses Wanikani with Satori Reader? Any personal reviews of Satori Reader?

I’ve used it before. I think Satori Reader is an amazing resource, the fact that you can import your WK progress really helps you while reading. However, with so many other reading resources, I’m not sure I would pay for it, I tried it before they started charging for subscriptions.

EDIT: If you are looking for other options, I’d really recommend the app TangoRisto. It uses the same articles from NHK Easy News, however with a lot of extra neat features. As far as I know, you can’t import WK progress yet, but it really helps to improve your reading skills.


I use it :slight_smile: I just got it a few weeks ago, I’ve been really enjoying it!

It’s been great for learning and/or reinforcing grammar in context and the different kinds of articles and series have been entertaining and enjoyable to read – also the fact that you can sync it with your WK progress is a cool feature :smile:

I definitely recommend it, I’d say it’s worth it :+1:

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I posted the differences I found between TangoRisto and Satori Reader in another topic:

I guess that the post above covers almost everything I think about Satori Reader. I’d just like to put emphasis on the great narration it has, and some very interesting stories, like The Neighbor and Kona’s Big Adventure. I mean, reading news is fine and all, but interesting stories are much more engaging.

The only negative side is that I think it only has like 3 or 4 new texts each week, but you should review the texts you already read and use its flashcard system for words and expressions.


Don’t get me wrong, I think SR is amazing, I was very fond of the series Sakura and Suzuki’s Long Distance Relationship (lol). I just recommended TR because even though news might not be that exciting, it’s free and it’s really good. People who can’t pay for SR might really enjoy it.


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