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Hello there,

getting close to Level 20 I would like to start some reading practice.
I know there are apps out there like Satori reader and I would like to hear from you guys if it is worth the $$$ or if there are good free alternatives.

Since I usually only got time for my japanese practice on my commute to work I would prefer an app over a desktop solution.

Thanks and greetings


The Booklive app has a wide selection of books, magazine, manga, light novels, etc. It’s not specifically a learners app (merely an app companion to, but many of the titles are for free or on heavy promo (20+% off).

I’ve been using the app for 2 weeks now and it’s really convenient.

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I’ve read a lot of good about Satori Reader. Everyone seems to say it’s worth it.

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I’ve been using Satori Reader for at least 6 months everyday and yes I recommend it.
The text is read out loud, there are grammar notes, there are cultural notes. There are different levels of difficulty, different kind of speech (casual conversation between two person, with a lot of abbreviations like in manga or anime, stories written more like a book, articles like in a newspaper).
There’s so much content that I have yet to be through it all. I’m not bored reading the stories and feel like I learn everyday so I definitely recommend it!
Also you can try it for free to have an idea if it’s something for you, every series has the first two episodes available for free.


I started with “easier” manga, always checking user’s rating within Learn Natively. The books themselves I buy from Amazon as I can read them either on my Tablet, or Phone, or on my Kindle.

I tested Satori Reader and it indeed sounded very interesting for beginners, I just didn’t stick to it due to financial restrictions :confused:


I have been using Satori Reader for quite a while and the only reason I’m not using it now is due to certain complications on my end that are unrelated to it.

I highly recommend Satori Reader, as it’s arguably the best reading resource for absolute beginners. The only prerequisite – is knowing kana; everything else you can easily look up there. You can see meanings of individual words, you can see translations of whole phrases, you can hear the reading of the sentences by professional native speaker voice actors. And you can download the audio to use it for listening practice.
And in many cases, it has a lot of additional grammar notes, so you can click on a word and find out not only its meaning, but also information on why is it used there in that form.

It makes reading as easy as possible. So, in my opinion, it is well worth its price, at least for beginners.


I would try out the free version yourself, and then decide if the app is worth it for you.


If you care about fiction, bookwalker and amazon both have a ton of free books (and manga), not just during giveaways, but a lot of them permanently free. A ton of mangaka also post their work on pixiv.


You can practice reading Japanese with the Manabi Reader app, Crystal Hunters (a manga that teaches Japanese and you just read on the kindle app), Bookwalker has a bunch of digital titles in Japanese, GANMA! An app you can read Japanese manga for free.


OP, do you know some basic grammar at least? N5 and N4 would help a lot to understand dialogues.


Yes, I am almost through with Genki I

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