Radio Garden (listen to live radio stations across the globe)

You ever have those moments where you come across something really cool and wonder where it’s been your whole life?

I just had that moment.

Radio Garden is a free website/app that lets you listen to live radio stations from all over the world, and of course this means Japan too! :earth_asia: You just spin the globe around and hone in wherever you want :durtle_the_explorer:

I see myself using this (a lot) for Japanese listening practice so I really wanted to share this with you all :grin:

Apps: iOS :iphone: Android

The website and apps work even with your phone screen locked, so you can listen whenever, wherever, hassle-free ^^

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do!



I’d like to try this but I’m having a lot of issues getting anything to load on the map and my laptop is threatening to launch itself into space. Any Japanese stations you’d recommend searching for? I might try the app and see if I have more luck with that.

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Thanks MissMisc, I really like listening to FM 78.7 Kahoku and FM, but they’re never on during American daytime. Hopefully yours has 24-hour stations!

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Oh no :see_no_evil: yeah maybe try on a different device then :thinking:

I’m pretty new to this myself, I’ve just been wandering around the different regions to see what stations are playing – it’s the middle of the night over there right now so it’s mostly chill music ^^ last I listened, I liked the vibe of dreamsfm on there (as you can see this also provides you with direct links to the radio stations’ sites, nifty addition!)

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Oh cool I’ll check for those during Japanese daytime hours then!

The 24 hour stations all seem to be currently playing late night music, I’m planning on doing some more radio wandering later when Japan wakes up :smile:

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Works great! Thanks for the recommendation!

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Works much better on the app!

I wish I could find a good Japanese talk radio station. Trying to listen to stuff online without access to radiko is a pain.

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Hey this is awesome! If you have any radio suggestions please share!

There is also the TuneIn Radio app, but yours it’s a lot easier to use and faster too!

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Yeah once I familiarize myself with the stations more, I’m hoping to find good ones to share with you guys too :smiley: (or have others who are more familiar with them share them with us! :durtle_the_explorer:)


Do anyone have any recommendations for a channel that has bouth music in many different genres, news, and regular programs with a more podcast kind of programs sparkled in? :grinning:

Edit: found FMだいご 77.5 to be exactly what I was looking for.


This is incredible. I can’t wait to explore more stations. @Candygaming If you hadn’t stumbled across this year old thread I would not have either, so I thank you for bumping. I’m so thrilled about this website :smiley:


Thank you, thank you thank you :smiley:


I just found out about this RIGHT MEOW and did a search to see if it had been posted. This is amaaaazzzing. I’m currently listening to FM おだわら87.9MHz and its so good. I have been looking for native listening material for some time that wasn’t podcast or learning-oriented and this totally does it.

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