Roughly how many hours does it take to complete WK?

Just wondering. Since memrise decks typically have an estimated number of hours needed to complete that course (with it about being 15 hours per 1000 words more or less), I was wondering if anyone has calculated how many hours of study time it would ordinarily take to reach level 60, or to burn all or most items.

I’m just curious since I like to be able to quantify my progress in hours studying and the amount of stuff I know!

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I did the math for myself personally. You made me sad… I leave now…

Here’s rough rough math.

I think there’s around 8500 items. You answer them a total of… 8 times. It takes me approx 12 seconds to do meaning and reading on average.

((8500812)/60)/60= 226 Hours

My math was bad before. It came out to 495 days. :sweat_smile:

(This is getting them to the burnt state without ever getting them wrong.)


That actually makes me feel a bit better about all the people that supplement this with other resources… 226 hours over a year or two actually isn’t that much - all the more impressive that the SRS system with mnemonics makes that possible!

226 hours is quite optimistic though, considering I’m dedicating at least 1 hour a day to WK and at my current speed it would take me around two years total to finish the whole thing…

By optimistic, you mean the best possible scenario since that accounts for getting them all correct and in 12 seconds every time! Its probably closer 230-250 hours depending on accuracy?

Plus the time from going from doing something to opening WK and then closing the WK. Also, you forgot about the lessons.

I figured lesson time of 12 seconds. :wink:

Also, if you’re talking about reaching level 60 then you can cut out almost 6 months of reviews. What I figured was burning everything perfectly. 250 hours probably isn’t a bad @colorandlight said.

How many people actually see something once and then get it correct at every interval.

Hell at that point why are you using SRS, you obviously have a photographic memory and reviewing the same things so often is a waste of your time.


Obviously you never met @rfindley


Well for some items that are easy you’ll get them right every single interval. Like who would ever get something like 私 wrong?

Thought no one would get everything right.

The kanji for 私 came up and I was like… eh?


I haven’t learned it through WK yet hahaha, but I guess I’ll brace myself for the incoming Charlie Sheen Mememonics.


If you average 70% or whatever number is actually accurate correct on reviews you have to actually factor that into the math. Plus that would assume you also do all lesson instantaneously, which is impossible…so the total time would still take more than that.

730 hours would put you at 2 hours a day for a year…or 548 at 1.5 a day for half a year. 550-800+ is going to be way more accurate for non memory gods.

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  1. I feel like I do most of my reviews significantly faster than 12 seconds each… usually in the 3-5 second range.
  2. Looking at rfindley’s statistics page it looks like there are 8792 items
  3. Even with a total time of 226 hours (which would be less if you assume faster reviews), done very quickly (say, 500 days) comes out to less than half an hour a day.
  4. Somehow I feel like I spend way more than half an hour a day on WK.
  5. No matter what the true amount of time comes out to, I still feel this is the most efficient way I could ever learn kanji. I learned more kanji in the first 3 weeks of WK than I did in the first 3 months of studying Japanese, with a WAY higher recall rate.

I’ll try to time myself today, and maybe tomorrow if I remember.

I was figuring reading and meaning into this 12 seconds. So I take about 6 seconds per input.

Heh… the legend grows…
But seriously, I only got them right every time because I reviewed them all pretty regularly outside of the SRS. Before I started doing that, my error rate was higher. In fact, I think all but one of my errors was from before I started my study regimen.

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