Rote review rounds

Because WK upgrades instantly to 4 hours on success, I’d like to require multiple successes on Apprentice 4 items and on items I get wrong.

I have some leeches I forget in minutes unless I do manual initial rote enforcement cramming.

Is there a script that allows me to do this already?

Self study script for the rescue!


I made a very specific tool to review recent (<3 hours) failures and A1 items: BishBashBosh: Cram Apprentice 1 items and recent failures …just in case it’s what you have in mind, too.

The self-study script linked above is way more flexible and a lot more polished, I used to use it a lot.

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This does pretty much what I had in mind. My idea though was to have additional review rounds until it let’s me finish review session. But, I just need to remember to run B^3 after every review and I’m set.

That’s good… If you think of any major improvements or if there’s something in particular you find annoying then feel free to post in this thread or the other one and I may find time to modify it.

Two main reasons I made an external app rather than a user script: 1) Impossible to screw up anyone’s WK session/data, 2) I can use it on my phone easily. :slight_smile: