More reviews per session?

Is there a script so that I can get more reviews when I learn new kanji/words?

I’m talking about the initial review session where you learn new words. I want this to be more like Memrise where they make you review each words 6 times and after that the spaced repetition system goes into effect. On WK you only have to review each word only once in the initial learning stage, which isn’t a lot and because of that I found it easier to remember things on Memrise.

I don’t know if there is such a script, but in case there’s not, here’s a tip:

I do my lessons in the regular batchers of five, and after I read through them all I don’t answer the quiz immediately. I change tabs and do whatever else for like five minutes, then come back and answer. That way you’re forced to recall the answers since they’re not as fresh as before in your head.

It works really well for me, at least.


You can use the Self Study script after doing your lessons, select the items you just learned and review them as many times as you want.


Can’t you just go through each item extra times? Not sure why you’d need a script.

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