Reviews: Does it count as more than one error?

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The question I’m having:
Someone stated here How long between reviews - #8 by rfindley that if you do more than one mistake, you drop even further in your current item level. Is this even true in the same review session? In other words, if I do my reviews and fail a reading of an item multiple times, does it count as multiple mistakes?


Yes. It’s possible to send an item in its burn review all the way back to square one if you get it wrong enough times.

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Oh wow. That’s good to know… So I have to be more carful going through my reviews.

Nevermind please ignore me

I think what she is trying to ask is whether there is “double penalty” for getting both reading and meaning wrong in the same review session. e.g. I am doing a review of an item currently in Guru 2 (if I get it right, it goes to Enlightened). If I get it either reading or meaning wrong, it goes down to Guru 1. If I get both reading and meaning wrong, will it be Guru 1 or lower?

I do not know and I am curious myself!

Edit: I think I misunderstood your reply

You can get the same item wrong twice with no additional penalty. But I believe a third time will drop it more. If I remember I’ll try to dig into the JavaScript later to see if I can find the formula again.

If you get something wrong once, I recommend just immediately checking for the correct answer. There’s really no benefit to getting it wrong over and over in a single review session.

Granted, what usually happens for me is I type something in, and then immediately after the bar turns red, my brain instantly brings up the right answer, somewhat infuriatingly. In that case I’ll just type it in and go. But generally, there’s zero benefit to getting something wrong more than once before looking it up.

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