It took me 196 days to realize

…that when I get an item wrong multiple times in the same session, it continues to lose SRS levels.

I sometimes give myself a couple tries before looking at the right answer on ones where I I’m not well and truly stumped. But apparently those extra tries are costing me precious SRS levels?? And usually on items where I’m actually pretty close and just can’t quite remember (rather than the ones that maybe should just start over…).

Anyway, wanted to share, because this is definitely a game changer for me. Also wanted to ask: I’m now sure this applies if you get one “side” of an item wrong multiple times - but does anyone know if an item is also knocked down again if you get both sides wrong?

Feel free to tell me I’m dumb and that everyone already knew how this worked.


If you’re dumb, I am too. I hadn’t noticed that happening. (I wouldn’t mind, I guess, but I just didn’t notice it.)


I believe only the raw number of mistakes makes a difference, not which sides they happened on.

Someone will probably have the official formula for leveling down.

Though, IIRC, any item will go all the way back to Apprentice 1 if you make 4 mistakes in one session, even if it was a burn review. Some will take fewer to go to square one.


It’s a bit complicated, but in short it doesn’t matter where the wrong answer is between reading and meaning, and getting an answer wrong twice is okay. It drops further on every other wrong answer, so first, third, fifth, etc. It also drops twice as much of it’s Guru or higher at the start of the review session.


Aha, I see! I read that page a long while ago, but I guess the slightly complicated formulas didn’t register (or didn’t register as being about a single review session). Thanks!

This also explains why it took so long to notice - it requires a combination of 3+ wrong answers and being decently sure of the original SRS level of the item.

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Did not know either :frowning:

When I get an answer wrong, I usually do not focus too much on the later occurrence, and sometimes I mistype without too much concern. But now I realize it is also important to get it correct on the second attempt.

I was not expecting this, as you get access to the item details on the 1st fail attempt, so WK actually gives you the correct answer.


I think that’s partly why it continues to punish you for a wrong answer. It’s entirely possible that someone gets one wrong, looks, and then still screws it up 30 seconds later.

Maybe they didn’t think of it that way, specifically, but it occurred to me that they might have.

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then it took me around 250 days or so to realize this because i just learned it because of this thread!


732 days, and I just noticed. I’m crying


I’m only 20 days in but I also noticed this last night T^T

This feature really bums me out because the penalty so far outweighs the offense lol. Like…just let me keep failing it until I get frustrated enough with myself that I remember it…don’t set me back dayssss

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