Reviews broken - same item asked indefinitely after a correct answer

My reviews suddenly got broken. I started a session wih ~120 reviews and when I got down to ~50 the same item started coming up again and again after a correct answer.

I went back to dashboard and then started a new review session. Now I got a radical review. Answered it correctly and the next item was the same radical but it used the input for Reading. See screenshot:

Bug occurred at around 2020-04-09 19:25 UTC
Using Firefox 76.0b2 on Win 10.
Have 2 user scripts: ultimate timeline and review calendar.

When doing the reviews a had a dashboard in a separate window, which I was refreshing to see how the art is changing on the review button… :neutral_face:

I got similar behavior when I added synonyms to vocabulary during a review session (might affect radicals and kanji as well). Then the same vocab appeared in the same review session again. Since it was then removed from the review queue (i.e. it does not repeat indefinitely in my case) I actually thought that this might be an actual feature like “confirm your newly added synonym”. But your post lets me suspect that there is an actual issue with the review system.

What you described is a different issue. It happens to me too. Every time I add a synonym during a review session. Even if I did both reading and meaning correctly before adding a synonym I get both of those again before the item disappears.

Try it again without this.

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The issue went away after I restarted the browser and waited a bit. Wasn’t able to reproduce it even when periodicly refreshing the dashboard in a separate window.

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