Real lesson/review counts don't account for vacation mode

@oldbonsai The global variables in WaniKani.studyInformation.requested_information don’t seem to account for vacation mode correctly. I’ve been on vacation mode for a few days now, and yet it returns this:

lessons_available: 35
next_review_date: 1543893999
reviews_available: 198
reviews_available_next_day: 40
reviews_available_next_hour: 0

Are you saying that your review numbers keep accumulating? (I can’t tell because I don’t have your previous numbers).

I actually have seen the same thing. When I put vacation mode on and I visit my dashboard it’ll still display the accumulating reviews. However, once I take it off of vacation mode it goes back to the normal amount.

Thanks for the clarification. I haven’t done vacation mode in more than a year, but I remember when I did it, my lesson and review numbers were zero. So this is a bug, I guess.

Well the data points in the global JavaScript variables are non-zero and they are there to be used by scripts (like Real Numbers).

Noted and code examined. I’ll dive into a fix in the next day or two and get it live.


Was this ever fixed? It looks like another user has seen the same problem:

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I’ve got a fix in place (it’s pretty simple), but it won’t go live until after the sale ends. I set a reminder to follow up next Wednesday, the 9th, when it’s out the door.


Aaand the fix should be live. Let me know if it’s doing anything weird.


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