Review that won't go away on app

I have a review on the app (but not my PC) that will not go away. Yesterday it was for 4 and now it is for 5 reviews. When I take the review, it says I scored 0 correct and 0 incorrect. I can’t get rid of it no matter how many times I get them all right. I deleted the app and reloaded it. And, it’s still there. Thoughts?


There is no official WK mobile app, unfortunately :frowning: All available apps are third-party apps. They should all have their individual threads in this forum. Please search for the thread for the app you’re using, and if you raise your bug report there, chances are good that the developer will get back to you soon!


I was wondering this same thing lol. I can “install” WaniKani on my phone, but it’s basically just Chrome opening it up in its own window when I launch it. I’m not brave enough to try third party apps.


Yes, that’s basically a bookmark stored on your home screen which looks like an app, right? But this should behave 100% identical to the normal website (because it basically IS the normal website :smirk:) and so I assume OP indeed installed a third-party app…

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Yep yep. It works alright for me, I use it at least a few minutes a day on my phone to get through some reviews. What’s tougher is KameSame, because I have to type in Japanese on that (including supplying the right kanji). I really really don’t wanna do KS on mah phone.

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I think I’ve heard this happen with items that are moved to a different level in WaniKani. But that tends to be for a single review item, not 5 of them.
(Reason for it would be that the apps don’t always synchronize directly and if the item is currently above your level you can’t advance it - this kind of thing is recognizable by checking the level of the item on the website)
Depending on the app you may be able to force synchronize it? Not sure if that’s an option. You’d think that delete+reload would do the same already (although deleting an app doesn’t always remove its local data!).

The main thread for the app is probably your best shot though.

Hey all, so I’m actually getting the same issue for lessons, where this 1 lesson won’t go away after completing it multiple times. I logged off then back on, still no dice. I’m currently using the app Jakeipuu for Android, but I’m not sure if this is the responsibility of WK to fix. Although… all the app uses is WK’s api for the most part i believe, so I’m not sure if it’s on their end. The good news is that I’m not having this issue on WK’s site, but I do prefer the mobile app for notifications.

As @NicoleRauch mentioned in the first reply, you should pose this question in the thread for the app you’re using: [iOS/Android] Jakeipuu. The authors of those apps generally are still available to answer questions and fix bugs, but don’t be too impatient if the author doesn’t reply super quickly.


I have the same issue, but with the Tsurukame app. Maybe it’s a WK bug somehow? I already posted in the app thread.


Oh, now that you’re saying that, it might be related to the recent change of transitive and intransitive verbs? See here:

Maybe the apps don’t know that they should refresh or something, and therefore keep those vocab that are now in a higher level? :thinking:


Yes! This must be it, because my problem word is 曲がる.

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I’m having the same problem using Tsurukame and the word 欠かす. It’s a review item every time the App refreshes.

Please contact the third party app developer about this issue! It’s because of our latest update on our site: Spacing Out Transitive & Intransitive Verbs

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