Why are so many of my reviews coming up at the end of the day?

I can’t figure out why so many of my reviews come up at the end of the day. For example, here’s the next 5 days. Obviously these numbers don’t include new lessons I will do each day.

Day Total Reviews Reviews 7-10PM % of total
Day 1 (today) 97 50 51%
Day 2 87 36 41%
Day 3 56 25 44%
Day 4 71 43 60%
Day 5 44 30 68%

Here’s my routine that I’ve been following for about 6 months (all times really mean X:59 where they will round down to X:00 for SRS purposes):

  • Weekdays

    • Do reviews throughout the day.
    • Clear review queue by 6pm.
    • Do 12 new lessons by 6pm.
    • Do all reviews including the first review for those lessons by 10pm.
      • I probably average around 75% for the first reviews of those new items.
  • Weekends

    • Do reviews throughout the day.
    • Do 12 new lessons by 10am.
    • Make sure to review those new lessons by 2pm.
    • Make sure to review those new lessons again by 10pm (for the ones I got right).
  • Why this confuses me

    • Since I’ve been following this routine for 6 months, these reviews shouldn’t be coming (much) from reviews before I started following this routine.
    • Since 5/7 days of the week I do lessons starting at 6pm and the first review at 10pm, their 8 hour review (assuming correctness) comes in the morning and I do them throughout the day, but as I said always before 6pm.
    • Unless my calculations are way off, my accuracy for the last 3 months is about 93%.

Based on this routine, does anyone have any guesses as to why so many of my reviews show up at the end of the day? Of course, once the reviews get like this, they will likely stay this way without any change since late reviews (except burns) will stay late next time around. But I can’t figure out how it gets like this to begin with. I didn’t do lessons for about a month and I started them again 3 weeks ago, and it’s already back to being like this.

Perhaps I should purposefully not do reviews at the end of the day sometimes and do them in the morning to try to break the cycle.

Sorry for the long read. I appreciate any explanations and suggestions.

This is pretty much it. Both your 12 new lessons done at 6pm and your morning lessons will get back at 10pm. For the morning lessons, it’s a 12h cycle (4h + 8h) and for the afternoon one it’s a 4h period (1st review session). This is not the whole problem though. The next cycles for items that get on Apprentice 3 will basically maintain this schedule:

  • +23h (consider 24)
  • 1d23h (consider 2 days)
  • 1 week
  • 2 weeks
    And so on…

The only items that will not be available near the end of the day for you are the ones you got wrong once somewhere during the Apprentice 1, 2 and 3 (aka leeches). For example, an Apprentice 3 item marked wrong at 10pm will appear at 6am in the next day. If you got it correct, it would follow the normal schedule (23h later, consider 1 day).

I guess this is it.


That’s not true though. The 6pm lessons go like this:

Lesson: 6pm
Review 1: 10pm [+4 hours]
Review 2: 6am next day [+8 hours] (or when I get to it before 6pm)
Review 3: 5am next day [+23 hours] (or when I get to it before 6pm)

So for the 6pm lessons, the 24 hour cycle is in the morning. Even when I don’t do Review 2 at 6am, I still do them throughout the day, before 6pm. The 6pm lesson’s 24 hour cycle should really be scattered all through the day, and shouldn’t create many reviews at night (except those that get off cycle from getting them wrong).

I meant to say that they’ll come back specifically for Apprentice 2 (6pm lessons) and Apprentice 3 (10am lessons). The 10am lessons will usually go around the end of the day. The 6pm ones will not, but like you said, you normally do them throughout the day :slight_smile: It’s also important to understand that around half of your items follow this schedule, so having a heavy load at the end of the day doesn’t seem strange at all.

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That schedule is only from the weekend lessons though, so 2/7 or about 28%. As you said, I’ll have my Apprentice 2 weekday lessons that same night, but the chart in my first post obviously doesn’t include those. So I’m seeing percentages like those 40-60% even not including the extra 12 from that day’s lessons.

I’m not convinced, but appreciate you spending the time to give me your thoughts.

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Oh, you’re right! I misread, sorry!

So, you get 25% wrong in here… I assume you’ll then do them again at 10am? So, 1/8 of all the lessons end up getting in the other cycle. Not sure if that’s enough though.

That last part will be all over the place. I can do those reviews I got wrong again as soon as I wake up (6am assuming weekday) but like other reviews they’ll be all over the place throughout the day. If I get to them early, they may end up on their 24 hour cycle between 2pm and 6pm. If I get to them really late, I may have to wait until the following morning/day for the 8 hour review, meaning their 24 hour cycle will be early. Of course, between those two is certainly items that will end up with a late day cycle as you said.

If we assume about half of those wrong reviews end up on a late cycle (25% / 2), that would be 5/7 * 1/8 = about 9%. So that would bring the 28% up to 37%. That would at least partly explain the increase, though that assumes I’m getting all my weekend lessons correct on the first and second review. Theoretically if I get those wrong once, they’ll end up in the morning cycle.

Of course, there’s also the case where I get those 10pm first reviews correct, but then get the second review in the morning wrong, which throws everything off.

I should probably just give up and deal with the heavy evening load. I don’t know what I’d do to try to improve this anyway since this lesson schedule is most convenient. :man_shrugging:

OK, naive question without thinking it through based on the SRS intervals, percentage of items you got wrong, lesson timing… what about ignoring part of your evening reviews (whatever feels too much) until the morning and forcing a reschedule that way?

As far as I remember, you are not speeding through the levels so wouldn’t that be an option?

(Off topic remark that doesn’t belong in this thread but since I’m already here: now that I finally reduced my large pile of lessons I’m getting back into a regular schedule and I’m starting to really understand and appreciate your lesson filter script; much better than before! love it :slight_smile: )

well, maybe if you are doing reviews throughout the day, items that would normally be reviewed in the morning would slowly get later and later. An item may be available at 5 am, might get done at 10 am. the next time, it might get done at 4 pm, and so on, until eventually a lot of the reviews only become available later in the day. shrug thats the best reason I can come up with, your lesson schedule seems ok to me. Maybe do as irrelephant suggests and just leave some reviews for the next morning.


I think you are correct… I have a heavier load at night as well. I think the items tend to push back in time… I kind of wish that items up for review after two weeks or longer would shorten the due time by 8-12 hours allowing better distribution throughout the day. In the grand scheme, there is no reason to delay items for the long cycles.

The last time I had a Japan trip things clumped up in the morning… by the end of two weeks when I returned to US Eastern time, I had clumps at night, which became clumps in the morning.

After sitting in the plane so long, I recall having WK review anxiety! I wonder how many others here have done reviews sitting on the tarmac in Narita as the plane taxis to the terminal!

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Except that my review queue is almost always empty by 6pm. So even if they get pushed later, they wouldn’t get to that 7-9pm time. Though I suppose almost isn’t good enough here. All it takes is one busy evening and all of those reviews end up at that later time. So I guess that could be a factor. Thanks!

Yeah, that’s definitely possible. It’ll probably be the first thing I try if the reviews get overbearing at night. I’ll have to be strict with myself though to make sure it doesn’t pile up.

I’m glad you’re getting good use out of it. :slight_smile:

I just turned on vacation mode since I’m going on a legitimate no internet access vacation. I’m going to try to disable vacation mode 5 hours later than when I enabled it on the day I get back. If it works the way I intend, this will shift nearly all of my reviews to appear overnight, and then I’ll try to do them throughout the day. Hopefully this will help me rebalance my reviews.

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