Review page timeout[SOLVED]


Looks like I can’t do any more reviews (just did some about 30 mins ago).
I’ve checked my connections and didn’t change anything since my last review session.
Had trouble accessing the overall WK site too.

EDIT: Well apparently there’s been an incident at our local ISP that prevented us to access US websites (or really slowed the process hence the timeouts) but they were saying that everything was ok…
Thanks for investing anyway @viet

Tried mine just now and it works fine. Maybe restart your computer and try again?

Looks like I’m not the only one. Spotted some guy on twitter and one of my friend has the same issue rn.

Ok, then maybe tag the staff if the problem continues for much longer.

seems to get better
EDIT: no it doesn’t

@viet, anyone?

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I’ve checked four sources of metric/error reporting and nothing is really standing out in terms of response times, throughput, and error rates.

It could be a localized issue (ISP having issues?). No reports on Twitter that I am seeing as well.

EDIT: Just viewed logs and it looks like reviews are coming in just fine. I think there is something else going on?

I don’t know I have problems running wk from my mobile as well.
I’ve checked the rates and I’m around 200mb with WiFi and 30mb with 4g
Can’t see any slowing from where i stand.
I also tried several browsers, same issue.
It’s beyond my understanding

maybe disable scripts and see if it gets better? this worked for me yesterday when it wasnt recording my progress

My initial guess, if it is a localize network issue, would be the DNS.

I’d try switching to something like Google DNS to see if it helps.

Did change a bit to use google dns but I still can’t do lessons or review.
Same with 4g
EDIT: I’m now using a VPN both on computer and mobile and it’s smooth af! I guess thats an ISP issue but i’ve asked them about it and they denied having any incidents, wtf?

I have no script at the moment

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