Nuke Reviews Command

Epicwhale said...
rosyatrandom said...
Epicwhale said... what do u mean it wipes lessons? where do they go if you haven't learned them
 It marks everything as being learned/reviewed correctly on the first attempt.

also is there a way to use it just for reviews because I want to use it since I work like 50/h weeks and I wouldn't mind starting from 0 reviews again because im sitting on 1.5k and I can never get it down to carry on with WK
Easiest way to do that -- if you want to -- is to remove the '"lessons",' part from the array at the beginning. I'd definitely think twice before doing that, though.
 I've been thinking twice for a long time - it's been 60 days since I leveled up again and I just cant handle a queue this big so I can never actually make the queue smaller so I'm not learning anything
Listen, I didn't level up for 14 months and probably totalled fewer than 500 review attempts in that time (got many, many wrong too)... It was horrendous! Queue in the thousands and bloody Koichi and co. adding new lessons every now and then to increase my lesson burden even though I wasn't levelling up or getting reviews right! 。・゚゚・(>_<;)・゚゚・。

If you are not enjoying WK anymore and know in your heart that the 'magic weekend where I clear all my reviews' is never coming, ask to be downleveled. I went from 34 (reached in October 2013) to level 10 (January 2015) and I'm enjoying it all again! Also, all those levels I squeezed through during the time when things started going downhill were pointless anyway. I forgot all of it!
Obviously you don't have to drop as drastically as I did. Ask Viet to restore you to whatever level where you feel you will be comfortable.
Alternatively, use this script /t/Review-order-by-SRS-level-Extension-to-alucardecks-review-order/4431/1 to do all your burn reviews first. You will never see them again (assuming you get them right obviously...), so this can go a long way to properly reducing your review queue and you might feel better about trying to actually do them all afterwards.

Don't abandon WK any longer! The Crabigator forgives even the most prodigal of daughters, but you'll regret your actions later! Also, you're a Lifetime member, so much less pressure. がんばって!