Review not available at the hour?

In the past sometimes my reviews would start one or two minutes after the hour. But now, sometimes it is taking longer, 8 or 9 minutes. It says the review is available now but in the review panel, no items are listed. Has anything changed or maybe an extension is messing up with the reviews?

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I’ve never had a review appear at a time in between exact hours since they changed to the current system.

Are you using the website, or an app? Scripts probably aren’t the problem. Might be good to confirm that your PC or device’s clock is right. If all else fails, try clearing cache and refresh. If still no luck, it’s probably a temporary Wanikani issue.

I’m using a desktop. I refreshed the browsed several times but did not clear the cache, I will try it next time. The time is set automatically but there was some strange IP address in my settings, I changed it to Thanks for the tips! and for the scripts!

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