Peculiar one off error - no meaning accepted

This happened to me during a review session just now. Something bizarre happened client side I assume; can’t imagine what it might have been.

I had already missed the reading so I wasn’t too worried about this lol.

This has happened to me a few times before. I assume it’s down to connection, but it can be quite annoying.

Do you have multiple tabs of WK reviews open?

No. I had WK open in another tab, but it was the page for an item I missed that I wanted to review, not the review page.

What about another tab with lessons open?



Interesting. Usually the cause of this issue is having another review or lesson session open in another tab.

A little late here, but I’ve recently come back to WaniKani and immediately had this happen too; but only with Readings.

Normally when I can’t remember something and after wracking my brain for about a minute, I’ll just hit space and then submit it for the Wrong Answer. Now most of the time it’ll just shake as if I was inputting characters that aren’t accepted, and no amount of random kana being put in will get the site to mark it as Wrong and move on.

Some times though, it will but only after it’s gotten “close enough” I guess? I input a blank space, nothing. Random kana, nothing. I get all but one of the kana right, it finally decides to mark it as wrong. あ instead of the correct う.

Atfer a period of guessing and struggling to not just look something up in a dictionary, I resort to just refreshing the page so I can continue on with my reviews, since WK is adamant about not saying “You got it wrong” until I get close enough to the right answer, and having been absent for almost a year that’s a lot of readings I can barely remember that it doesn’t want to mark as wrong for me.

I don’t have multiple tabs open, and only just came back to the site. I don’t think it’s anything connection related, since even with a wired high-speed connection it still refuses to take blank answers (or random kana inputs) as Wrong Answers unless said kana input is “close enough”

They changed something related to that recently: (Obsolete) [UserScript] WaniKani Double Check - #131 by viet
So instead of a space you’ll have to type some random kana right away now.

But I also had an issue today that was only fixable with a refresh, not sure what was going on there but it is rare.

If the issue is tied to the script, then it shouldn’t be happening since I’m not using any scripts right now. Unless you meant it’s some bug that popped up recently with those changes?

I’ve had a few cases where no amount of incorrect kana will mark it as wrong, so I guess there is something screwy going on there at times… I’m not sure about ‘rare’ at least for me, but it felt like it was happening fairly often. “Felt like” anyway.

The linked comment is from viet who is working on WaniKani. It just happens to be in that thread since that change effected some scripts.

So before the change you could enter e.g. a comma and submit the reading. This is not possible anymore. Same will probably be true about spaces. So you have to use another character for your dummy response.

Aah thanks for clearing that up!

I remember typing in five straight あ’s for a few answers and it refused those as well. I guess that mighta been one of those “odd cases” when a Page Refresh is the only way past? ^^;

Yeah I guess so. Maybe if you stop using spaces then you get into that state less often?

But if the problem happens even then, you could tag viet here, maybe there’s something they can fix.

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