Onyomi v Kunyomi scripts?

I am having the exact same problem as this guy Onyomi v kunyomi readings. I know there are some scripts out there to help with this, but a lot of them look broken or out of date. Does anyone know of any that work that’d help me with the same issue that that guy was having?

As someone pointed out in the topic you linked.
If you review vocab (purple background indicates that) then you have to input exact vocabulary reading. You just have to remember which one, there are certain things that could point you to a specific reading. But no hard and fast unbreakable rules. If wanikani told you what reading it expects you wouldn’t remember it well enough yourself, and it’s critical for your ability to read that you do remember when to use different readings.
If you review kanji (pink background) then there’s no problem. Even though wanikani expects a specific reading (usually onyomi) it won’t mark your review as incorrect. Instead, it’ll just shake the input box and tell you to try a different reading.
I know that it’s really frustrating to deal with this in the beginning but it really does get easier with practice.

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Is it [Userscript] WaniKani Katakana Madness that’s not working anymore? If it is, try asking for help in the topic. If it’s not, try this script.

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