Review count discrepency?

Has anyone else noticed a discrepancy in the review count? On the main page, it shows 5111 reviews, but when I go to the actual review page, it only shows 5110.

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Here’s what you need to do.

Do a review.

Take a screenshot of both pages.

Repeat until you’re done.

Let us know how it goes.


I was going to suggest that it will correct itself once the review pile is down to 3 digits :wink:


They just added several new items yesterday. Perhaps that’s the cause?

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No, this is specifically happening this morning. I already know about the new lessons yesterday, since I did them then.

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Could it be that you had an item that was moved to a higher level in there? For example they moved 又 to somewhere in the 50’s, if that one was in your pile it might explain the off-by-one.


That would explain the count going up or down by 1, but not why two different pages are displaying different numbers at the same time.

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I assume the counter on the main page only gets updated either on the hour or after reviews or lessons, while the reviews page fetches the actual count when it starts. That’s just my assumption though, it might be wrong.

We did have an issue last week where we published some new items and there was a hidden item that was showing up in people’s review count. That’s been fixed now though, I believe.


Thanks for explaining the problem!

Ninja item!

I just had a similar issue again today. The API says 5000 reviews, but my review count on WK shows 4999.

What endpoint are you using to get the 5000 number? There was a content update today which removed some items from WaniKani

This removal could be the culprit. And depending on which endpoint you are using the 5000 value is either correct (the hidden filter needs to be used to filter out hidden items) or incorrect (we may not be expiring our cache correctly).

I did some digging, and the culprit turned out to be 公告 getting moved to a higher level just like what happened with 又 last week.

The problem with this is that I want to see how many reviews will be available at a given point in time in the future as well, so I can’t just use immediately_available_for_review. As far as I can tell, there is no way to do this with the API currently.

Previously, filtering on hidden and available_at worked, but this breaks whenever items are moved between levels (most recently with 公告 and 又).

You can get what you want by adding the levels query parameter. Pass in all the levels up to your current level as a comma delimited list.

See the filters section on how to use the levels filter

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