Returning intervals after a wrong answer? (from Master/Enlightened)

It seems that if I answer wrong on Enlightened and Master, it becomes Guru2 and Guru1 respectively; but I seems to return faster than it should. Probably just the next 24 hours.

To compare, Wanki setting (@hinekidori’s WaniKani+Anki) “Lapse” interval is “1 10080 20160 40320 161280”, which feels so wrong… What does this mean? Could this be the reason “Good” interval is longer than “Easy” (in some recent topics)?

10080 min = 7 days, so the interval is 1w, 2w, 1mo, 4mo?

NB: So, I edited that “Lapse” interval right away. Mine becomes “1 240 480”.

Do what works best for you. My original intention was to bypass the Anki algorithm altogether. I placed all the Apprentice intervals in the New Card pile and Guru and beyond into Lapses. Once I graduate from New Card I will then purposely get the item wrong to push it into Lapses. This was to avoid starting from scratch with short intervals.

If I notice a Card is leeching and requires shorter intervals I just push it back in the New Card pile.

That’s how I use it anyway.

As far as the Good and Easy buttons go. Good uses the steps in minutes while Easy will push the card into the Anki algorithm. So I would recommend never pushing Easy unless you want to jump out of the intervals set up in steps in minutes.

Are you seeing it go back in your queue on WK that quickly, or is this happening on Wanki? If it’s the former, I’ll dive into it — the guru intervals should still be pretty darn long (a week for Guru 1, and two for Guru 2).

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I may be mistaken by seeing a batch of review I confused whether it comes from yesterday or last week. If the problem persists, I will let you know.

I’ll take 1w and 2w as an answer.

This reminds me of an issue I was having about a month ago…
(Reported in the Bug section in this thread.)

If I recall correctly, it had to do with the cache of data not making it to WK’s end…

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